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I hope Grey's Anatomy never ends because I love it so much, love the quotes, the life lessons and everything about it. I'm so glad that I convinced him to watch it and great minds think alike because he's been hooked on it ever since :P

The last episode that showed was so sad. I was trying hard not to tear and the music was incredible. It was the first time that they did a musical out of it with the cast singing and damn can most of them sing. Callie and Lexi can really sing! Tried to find a few songs that I really liked but some were not listed. I did find this one though - The Story by Brandi Carlile. Lovely.

The two of us don't watch TV. When I say TV, I'm referring to the local television shows so don't ask us about the local stars etc because we just don't follow the scene. We watch a lot of tv dramas from the States like GA, Heroes, Big Bang Theory and have recently started on Glee.

Now when I first watched Glee, I didn't get it. Sure, I love musicals and the singing was great but I just couldn't relate to it. I kept on watching a few more and then it just clicked. And now, we are hooked.

"My body is like a warm chocolate souffle. If I don't warm up right, it won't rise.


What other tv dramas are you hooked on?

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My Day, Yesterday 19 March 2011

My Day, Yesterday 19 March 2011 from ndrea77 on Vimeo.

Well, sorta. I had problems uploading the video so it's a few days late.. but better late than never :P

For those that don't know what this is all about, here goes -

Originally from http://www.flickr.com/groups/mydayyesterday/
Rules - Shoot video throughout a day in your life, compile, upload it the next day. Don't use music/sound effects, use what the camera recorded. It has to be 90 secs or less.

Oh yes. Sucker Punch rawks. Watch it.

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Question and two video channels


For those Chanel lovers out there, is it cheaper to get it from Paris or London? I have two possible options to get them and was wondering. Loving the new collection and was thinking it would be a good time to put down the investment in one (not the classic though).


I've been following these two channels on youtube quite a bit and just in case you don't already know,

Check out Natalie Tran aka community channel for quirky funny entertainment (even B.T watches whenever I do and cracks up) and Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny for everything and anything on beauty and make-up and recently, she has a hair and fashion guru featured in her videos as well. Love her video on the different ways to tie a scarf, how to get nice natural curls and how easy she makes making up sound. Love love love all the music that she uses in her videos as well.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Night.

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Spaghetti sauce

Click here if the video doesn't load

I love watching videos on TED. This one by Malcolm Gladwell is really good. I'll never look at spaghetti sauce the same way! I would say, this is how the food industry was almost changed.

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One Bowerman

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LeBron Rise

"What should I do?" The difference between the expectations of what others have of him versus the expectations of what he has of himself. How apt this video is..

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