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10 totally new ways to play with Instagram

I'm a huge Instagram addict, can't get enough of Pinterest as well and I've a Tumblr account somewhere. Picture blogging and collecting in the case of Pinterest, is pretty neat. This latest tech article on 10 new ways to play with Instagram caught my eye.

I got Inkstagram now which means I can READ Instagram on my macbook instead of just the phone and many more. Check it out!

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Would anyone know if Dreamweaver is compatible with wordpress? Meaning, if I'm using the wordpress platform hosting it on my own domain? I'm trying to figure out if that will be compatible because a friend has advised me to code using Dreamweaver.

Thanks in advance.

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Sale - Canon G10

Canon PowerShot G10

I am about to sell of my beloved Canon G10 and kinda reluctant to do so but it makes no sense to have 3 cameras with me and one will definitely land up as a white elephant.

I currently have an IXUS which I use for rough usage like snowboarding, partying or when I just need to tiny camera. For all my travels, I use my G10 but it does get a little too heavy for tiny me. Which is also the reason why I have been putting off buying an SLR although my Dad has been trying to persuade me to do so -_-

If anyone is keen, do drop me an email - andrea_goh77[at]yahoo[dot]com


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Head porter

Taken from Hyperbeast

There is just something about Japanese products. I love how simple and understated they are. It's always style with a twist. I think these iPad covers are pretty neat. Mmmm does this mean that I have decided to take up my Dad's offer on the iPad since I am looking at iPad accessories? Hehe. Not quite! The USD is ridiculously low though and I hope that it stays that way!

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OSIM mini run finishing

Shape Run 2010

Officially wear-testing the Sony W252 - in a race!


All geared up and ready to go - 615am

B.T took this nice picture as I was running towards the finishing line :)

I've participated in Shape Runs since it first started and this is the first time that I'm taking this picture :P

It's been awhile since I last did a race and frankly speaking, I was in fact a bunch of nerves! I've done many 10Ks but somehow, it feels different doing one under race conditions.

I had my favorite peanut butter jelly sandwich for breakfast (at 530am). I wasn't exactly hungry so it took me some time and a lot of water to wash it down. My stomach started acting up weird and I was running to the toilet thrice in total -_- It was a good thing my nose and ear (from an infection) was hurting less and I was feeling better than I did yesterday.

By the time I reached the start line, it was a few minutes to flag off. I didn't have time to warm-up and was just fiddling with the Sony W252 - trying to find my favorite start song. It's quite strange but I started running the race to Taylor Swift's Love Story! And I replayed it thrice!

I think the 10,000 of us running today's race were blessed with good weather. It was quite cooling, hot but not humid. The sun was up and bright and I did regret not bring my sunnies. I landed up running with my head down for some parts of it. I'm not sure if I started off to fast in the beginning since I actually take an average of 3km to warm up. But in a 10km race, 3km is too long to take for warming up. So I tried to keep the pace that I wanted to for the entire route. I was feeling okay for most parts of it which was good.

I have to commend the Shape team for doing a good job this year in improving the route and massively reducing the congestion. This time around, the 10km and 5km runners didn't merge and had different finishing gantries. Compared to last year where the merging of 10 and 5K runners caused a major human jam at the last 1.5-2km and left many of us frustrated as I for example, was weaving in and out groups of people that were walking - which is fine but it's better to keep to the side so that you don't get into the way of those running through. I was happy that during the race, it wasn't congested and I had a comfortable amount of space around me.

I enjoyed the race and it was great seeing 10,000 women out there on a Sunday morning having fun. Whether it was your first 5K or first 10K, kudos to taking that first big step forward :) The fact that the race was well organized made the experience better. The only improvement is that perhaps one more water point could be added. There were only 3 in total and for the stretch between the first and second water point, I was getting really thirsty. I think I've read somewhere that for running races, it is recommended that water points at placed at every 2km - more so in this hot weather of ours.

According to my Garmin, I clocked in 56:18 for 6.25 miles which is exactly 10km. Well done Shape Run for the accurate distance measurement! My average pace was 9min/mile. I think this is my personal best record although not the target time that I am hoping to achieve. Methinks I need to spend more time on the track working on my speed and pushing myself to run harder. B.T thinks I'm too conservative in the effort that I put into the runs. I do admit that I am quite cautious as I am afraid of over-pushing my limit and resulting in me collapsing.

By the way, this is what I have to say about the Sony Walkman W252 :P

Hehe. I'm loving this app on the iPhone :P

Anyway, I typically don't use new gadgets or gear for the first time on race day itself. I'll use it for at least a few training runs - especially for shoes and apparel. When it comes to gadgets like the Garmin (which took me awhile to figure everything out), I needed quite a few runs to learn it well. However, for the W252, I was open to using it for the first time during the race. I was confident that the product would perform as promised.

The verdict?

Sound quality is good and controls are intuitive. Right side - back button (rewind, play/pause, forward), middle button (decrease volume), front button (increase volume). It was lightweight and it didn't bother me. Though, as my ears are quite small, it didn't quite fit properly all round. During the run, it never did once fall out of my ear but I was obsessed with pushing the player into the horizontal position! I have no idea why I kept doing that because on hindsight, it didn't matter if the player slipped to the 'vertical' position as the earbuds still stayed inside my ear.

I'm really enjoying this product and looks like I'll be running more with music now again :)

On a side note, since my program required me to clock in 18 miles today, we went out for another run close to noon. It was so hot and I made the mistake of eating half a bowl of cherries just before I headed out - took a long time to digest and made me feel bloated and gave me stitches, so it wasn't a quality run. Landed up doing a jog-walk and decided to head back home after 6 miles. As B.T said, it's better to rest at home then to do 'junk mileage'.

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Wash it, dunk it

Putting my shiny green toy to the test!

I loaned it to B.T to do a first test out. He wore it to the gym and around and his verdict?

Good sound, stays on and it's really cool!

I decided to put it to the water-resistant test. Gave it a rinse under the running tap, dunk it into a bowl of water and shook the water off. It's still working!

Oh! I love the easy-to-use controls. Toggle on the right, shuffle on the left!

I'll be wearing it for tomorrow's 10K race and will share the experience :)

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Sony love

The newly launched Sony Walkman W252

It's heart-shaped!

What's included in the box - the player, USB docking station, spare earbuds, plastic storage holder and the operational guides (not shown)

Some time last year, Sony first introduced the Sony Walkman W series W202 - a wireless music headset optimized for sports activities. In May 2010, Sony Singapore launched the latest addition of the Sony Walkman W series - W252 which is an improved version of the W202. The key feature of the W252 is that it is water-resistant and washable! This means that you can run with it even in rainy conditions and give it a rinse under running water!

I was delighted when the good people at Sony Singapore invited me to be part of a collective brand ambassador group across Asia. I am honored to be a Sony Walkman Runner that will wear-test this cool new product and I will be using it during my various training runs and probably even during the Chicago Marathon.

I am really excited to wear-test this product because Sony has been one of the pioneers in audio innovation - I think everyone remembers how they came out with the Walkman and the wide spectrum of cool products that they have launched over the years. I have just synced over my 'Runnaholic' playlist to the W252 and will be sharing my experience on the product. So watch this space for more insights soon!

Meanwhile, here are some cool techbytes about the Sony Walkman W252 -

... Water-resistant and washable
... Wire-free!
... Music transfers via the included Content Transfer software is a breeze - via iTunes, Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player. Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, AAC-LC and Linear PCM.
... The ZAPPIN ™ feature allows you to quick browse through your music by playing the main chorus of each song.
... Battery lasts for 11 hours - full charge takes just 90 minutes. 3 minutes of charging gives 90 minutes of battery life!
... Storage capacity is 2GB
... W252 has a magnet that connects the left and right earpiece. Purpose is to facilitate easy wearing and connecting the magnets together shuts the power off.
... Extremely lightweight at a mere 43g
... Retails at SGD$129 (inclusive of GST) and is available in 4 vibrant colors - pink, white, lime green and black. (I was given a choice of color option and I went for the green because it's such a fun and vibrant color!)

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Miniature dSLR

Everyone knows how I love taking photos. My team is used to it especially my weird penchant for taking pictures of food.

I have 2 digicams. A compact point and shoot i.e. IXUS80 which are great for close-up food shots and my Canon G10 which is my travel camera. The latter is quite chunky and heavy and the reason why I hardly bring it out. Also, with the amazing camera apps offered on the iPhone platform, I find it more convenient to use the iPhone - can't wait for the better in-built camera in the iPhone 4!

I have successfully convinced two others to buy the G11 (upgrade of my G10). The great thing about Canon is the natural rich colors, color accent function (big plus) and it's easy to use. I am quite a faithful fan of Canon but lately, I am considering switching to other brands simply because they have a minature dSLR range.

There are currently two miniatures that I am lusting over - the Olympus E-P2 and the Sony NEX-5.

As usual, I am going to sit on it for awhile before deciding. And I've not really decided if I want to change cameras so soon yet. It's been less than 2 years since I had my G10 I think! We'll see. People tell me that the G10 can still be sold for a decent price.

Why oh why are there so many nice gadgets?

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Organized and the training

I'm really liking the new OS 4. I used to have 6 pages of apps but it's now all organized into folders :)

I am looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 4 but will hold out for the next batch till they sort out all the current kinks! The reception issue is funny and although it can be sorted out using a bumper, I'd rather get the version that doesn't have that issue.

With the number of trips that I have to the States this year, I was originally tempted to get an unlocked version. But decided to just wait out and enjoy this new OS for the time being.

Speaking of trips, these two months are insane for me travel wise and I'm trying to balance everything out. This week is just MAD insane!!

The marathon training program is turning out to be tougher than expected. I'm trying my best to fit in the training with the travels. I'm glad that Insanity and hill and speedwork seems to be helping. As my manager cheekily asked if I have friends, I said that I don't have a social life once I train for a marathon.

I finished my work early and did a run from the office. Boy it was long and I need to bring 2 gels instead of one AND fill up my bottle more often. I ran out of water at the last 2miles and it wasn't funny.

Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - 13.1 miles. 2hr 16mins. My race day PR was 2hr 12mins so I'm quite happy with this timing as I'm confident of doing it at my previous PR or possibly improve on it should I do a half.

Time for dinner! Starving!!

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Social Media Revolution

I have always enjoyed learning. I think it's a never-ending experience. One can never claim to have learned everything there is to know in the world.

I am fortunate that I am still able to consistently learn new things even though I am no longer a student. The beauty about learning is that you don't have to go to a school to learn something. You can learn many things and life lessons from anyone and anywhere.

I love hearing people speak and present. Even if there is only one sentence that is valuable to me, at least, I have learnt something. Recently, my company hired a speaker and he was excellent. I had say that you are a good presenter if you can engage your audience and make them laugh.

The subject was on social media and it's such a compelling video that I had to post and share


I love watching a good ad - when it's good. But what I love more are the spoofs :P Whether it's good or bad for the brand name, it might actually create more hype than originally intended

Original Nokie N93 TV ad

The Hokkien spoof

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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