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Dynamite oysters

Miz Japanese Restaurant is a few doors away from Pasta Brava (one of my favorite Italian restaurants) and I've always walked past it making a mental note to 'try it out the next time' but never quite got around to doing it. It was in fact, a colleague of mine who had recently moved to a new place around the area that introduced it to us and a bunch of us swung by the other night.

Don't expect any fancy ambience here just decent Japanese food that is priced reasonably. The must-orders are the dynamite oyster and scallops. If you have tried the 'Shiok Maki' at Koh's Sushi at Wisma foodcourt, this is quite similar in taste. I'm not typically a big fan of oysters but I wouldn't mind eating a few portions of this variant. I swear anything with Japanese mayonnaise tastes extra yummy.

We ordered a few more dishes and our mains and frankly, all turned out well. The tofu steak was another winner - love the lightly fried skin that was soaked in a sweet sauce. B.T's beef shabu shabu came in a modest serving size but the broth was light and tasty with tender pieces of beef.

Ramen is offered at Miz but there is only one option - pork ramen so I ordered that and if you like ramen noodles that are the yellow sort, springy and slightly chewy, this one will win you over. I still prefer the Hokkaido white and hard ramen (ones served at Tampopo) or the ones at Miharu but this one is quite nice for a change as well. The pork bone broth is thick, not too salty and decent oomph in flavor. Pork pieces are different from the usual char siew slices and are instead chunks with thick layers of fat. Personally, I prefer the traditional char siew slices. But overall, a good bowl of ramen, loads of noodles and definitely fulfilling.

I'm quite glad we finally checked out Miz and we are quite certain that we will be back.

Miz Japanese Restaurant
7 Craig Road
Singapore 089667
+(65) 6225 5761

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The ramen treat

Tonkutsu ramen

I was asked to pick a place that I've never been to for my belated birthday treat. I said that I wanted to check out the ramen place in Paragon. D asked me to pick something better since he was treating. I insisted on ramen. I won. :P Being treated doesn't mean that you have to choose an expensive place. Plus, I'm always ready to try out new ramen places.

The verdict? It's really not bad. Selection is wide and there is a variety of ramen to choose from - yellow curly ramen (like wanton noodles) or the white, hard Hokkaido noodles that I so love. If you like the char siew to be fatty and buttery like, you'll like the way it's served here.

It's funny how I've been craving for green tea ice cream but have never got around to actually eating it and I've been eating at Japanese restaurants a lot! We decided to go off to somewhere quieter for desserts and popped over at Nova's.

Nice ambience, delicious looking pastries but choose wisely. Not everything is fab. The 'fresh cream' puff wasn't exactly fresh tasting and according to D, it isn't fresh, the hazelnut puff was good and so was the lemon tart.

I love catching up with my friends :) Though it's only once every couple of months or longer, I spend a quality few hours doing a proper catch-up. If you are wondering why I never have any photos of D, well, he's rather elusive and prefers not to take photos. And I have two close friends called D so it gets confusing :P

Daikokuya Ramen Dining
290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859
+65 6737 5416
Opens daily 1130-2230

290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859

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The ramen bar at Holland Village

Traditional Hakata ramen

I have so many entries lined up for posting (mainly back-dated posts from my D.C and Hong Kong trip) that uh it can probably last for a month of daily posting. I seriously don't know why I have so much to talk about and trust me, this is probably at most half of what I am really doing!


Ramen. Let's talk about ramen. We were just hanging around Holland Village, which I do have to admit, is a really lovely place to just lounge and hang out at on a lazy Sunday. There's a certain cozy vibe about it that is quite different from say Orchard or anyway else. Perhaps, Siglap in the East side would come close to it. Anyway, I digress. Back to to the ramen. We randomly chanced upon it and thought it looked nice, plus it was having a 20% off lunch time offer for Citibank card holders.

The restaurant set-up offers both indoors and outdoors seating. I would recommend indoors as the interior is quite nice. I love the decor and the 'I'm in Japan' feel. Most of the ramen on the menu has white pork bone soup base. There is a good selection of sides like gyoza, Japanese burgers and more. I love the additional section where it recommends the condiments to be used for gyoza and the ramen. I thought it was rather cool when we were each given a little mortar and pestle to grind the sesame seeds for the ramen. Neat!

Gyozas were good - just the right amount of meat and the skin was not too chewy and thick. The noodles are the thin and hard type and has a decent bite to it. The traditional Hakata ramen that I ordered came with two halves of the soft-boiled egg (yummy) and 3-4 pieces of fatty char siew. It did hit the sweet spot for me. Overall, I would say if you want to satisfy a ramen craving and around the area, this might be worth checking out.

I've heard about a new ramen place in Paragon. I do want to check that out sometime soon perhaps.

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar (by Jumbo Seafood)
31 Long Liput (Holland Village)
Singapore 277742
+65 6463 3132

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Sapporo style

Simple but nice

That ramen that I wrote about previously? This is how it looks like :) Not bad for instant ramen huh?

The way you cook it is different too. You cook the soup base separately from the ramen. The noodles are cooked and drained and poured into the soup unlike the traditional way of cooking instant noodles which is cooking the noodles together with the soup base.

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Ramen quick fix

We found this at the minimart a few months back and have been searching for it all over! Finally found it at Carrefour.

This ready-to-cook ramen comes in 3 flavors (miso, tonkotsu and shoyu) and is good for a quick ramen fix! Our favorite is the tonkotsu version. Add an egg, some char siew and you are ready to go. The consistency of the ramen is quite good for an instant package!

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Shabu Shabu

Gyoza No Tetsujin

Looks like the gyoza we had in Tokyo

When we were holidaying in Japan, another food that we really enjoyed was the gyozas. Some of it is done quite differently. On the last day of our trip, the boy was hungry and we landed up at this random gyoza shop. The gyozas were a lot smaller and skinnier and almost rectangular in shape. He ate about 40 -_- In fact, he spent our money that was meant to take the train to the airport!

I still miss those gyozas a lot as they were really good. Freshly made on the spot, they had a nice bite to it and it had the right amount of meat and chives inside it.

In the food hall at Ion, there is a tiny stall that sells gyozas. I think it's pretty decent and makes a good snack. There was a promotion - 4 gyozas plus a tonkotsu ramen for S$9.80. I got it but the ramen was disappointing.

The noodles were average and the soup broth was really thin. The single slice of pork was just standard - I love those that are slightly browned and char-grilled at the edges. As for the egg, it was just okay. I think most places can't get the egg right. Tampopo still does it the best.

Gyoza No Tetsujin
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard
+65 6509 3256

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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Benkei Ramen

Looks authentic enough to me!

After days of eating steaks, burgers and everything non-Asian, we were really craving for something soupy and Asian. I had on my list, a strong recommendation for Izakaya but the rest of the group voted for ramen which I didn't object to!

We randomly walked into the restaurant that looked the most authentic and we sort of hit the bull's eye. Either it was because we were all famished or cold, we all agreed that the ramen was up to standard and it hit the spot!

As you know, there are different types of ramen soups - Shio, Miso, Shoyu. However, not all places serve it correctly. Shio is my favorite and I love it when it is thick and white. I liked Benkei as they offered the full range of ramen stocks. Everything sounded yummy and we had a tough time deciding. I finally decided to just go for my usual favorite plus, it mentioned that Shio contained a lot of collagen and calcium which is needed for beautiful skin! Yay!

In terms of pricing, it was very reasonable by Canadian standards. The additional toppings were also cheap at CAN$0.50 or you could add everthing (green onion, bamboo shoots, butter, nori, corn, boiled egg, kimchi! and a few other ingredients, for just CAN$2 (if I recall correctly!)

I wasn't disappointed. The hard boiled egg that I had was slightly watery and soft - which should be the way but I still think Tampopo serves the Original Kyushu Ramen egg the best - bright orange, semi watery and it tastes different. As for the noodles, it had a good texture - springy, with the right bite to it, sort of al dente. The soup was good too. It wasn't over salty (unlike the Ippudo soup in Singapore!) and had a slight sweet aftertaste (probably from the long boiling of pork bones). I didn't feel too thirsty after drinking the soup so I figured MSG was either non-existent or in minimal amount.

In my personal opinion - it was good!

Heh. I really do love ramen as you can see from my really long description :P

Benkei Ramen
1741 Robson Street
+1 (604) 688 6790

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The verdict on ramen

White pork bone soup base

Dinner at Sapporo Ramen Miharu was satisfying. I have posted about this before but heck, here's the information once again. After the meal though, I did come to a conclusion about ramen.

1) I don't think I'll be able to find a ramen place here in Singapore that is comparable to the ones in Japan. I still crave for the ramen that we had in a random shop in a small street near our hotel. It was almost a hole in the wall kind of shop but the ramen served there was so damn good.

2) Ramen is a personal preference. The stock alone has 3 main types - shio, miso and shoyu. Some prefer the noodles springy and thin, others prefer it slightly hard - almost al dente like and thicker. Soup wise, there is pork or chicken based. I personally prefer the noodles to be the Hokkaido type which is white and hard, slightly thicker, almost resembling pasta and has a chewy texture. I always opt for white pork bone soup base hence Marutama ramen is not my favorite because it is a clear chicken soup base and the noodles remind me of 'wanton noodles' type. This are also the reasons why I am inclining to personally vote Tampopo my favorite ramen. Plus, it has a great hard boiled egg with a almost soft yolk.

3) Ramen should be simple without fancy ingredients so that you can truly taste the soup and the noodle quality. When I am looking for a quick fix, seriously, Ajisen butter corn ramen will do fine. If I am really craving for good ramen, I head over to Tampopo or Miharu.

4) Some ramen noodles are oilier. Likewise for the soup base. This is the reason why I don't fancy the ramen at Santouka @ Central. Miharu soup base is quite oily too which is a downside hence Tampopo rates higher for me. But then like I said, it is really a personal preference.

5) Ramen soup base shouldn't be too salty and you shouldn't feel sick of eating a bowl of it. I never feel sick after eating the ramen at my favorite places. When Ippudo opened in Singapore, I was over the moon. However, I was really disappointed after tryingt it out because it didn't match up to the one that I fell in love with, in New York City. The soup base at Ippudo Singapore is salty and the ramen noodles has a slightly different bite. Hopefully, it will improve over time but I won't queue for it!

So I guess that everyone prefers different ramen places mainly because of what they personally prefer as a ramen noodle type or soup base.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu
1 Nanson Road GF Gallery Hotel

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Shabu Shabu

Ippudo in Singapore

Akamaru ramen

When I first tasted Ippudo ramen in NYC, I literally went OMG. To taste ramen similar to that in Japan outside of Japan, is quite a big deal. It was so good that I wanted to re-visit the place again. So when I found out that Ippudo was hitting Singapore, I was completely excited.

We made 4 disappointing trips to the store. It was supposed to be opened but it was still closed. The second time, it was still closed. The third time, it was closed for lunch because it was a soft launch for dinner that day. Then on the fourth trip (after I had recommended it to people and my two friends had already tried it out!), the queue was insanely long. So again, we walked away disappointed.

Today, we decided to give it another shot. There were only 5 people in the queue so we decided to hop in. It wasn't too bad. Just a 10 minutes wait. The menu is slightly different or rather, lesser items offered. I remembered the pork buns being absolutely yummy so we ordered a plate or one. And it didn't disappoint. Service is pretty quick similar to the one in NYC and the decor looks the same as well.

The verdict on the ramen?

It is good ramen. Good bite and texture - the ramen thickness varies for example the Akamaru has thicker strands of ramen. However, we found the soup too salty. Overall, we both agreed that the one in NYC was better but it doesn't mean that it was bad here. I guess our initial expectations were way too high since we were totally raving about the one back in NYC.

We would go back again, I am not sure if this is my current favorite or the one at Gallery hotel. Meanwhile, I am still game to trying out good ramen places. Briiing it on!!

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Shabu Shabu


B.T desparately wanted to prove to me that you can find good Japanese food in the States. He was pleased when I gave Ippudo the double thumbs up after our friends took us there for lunch. The ramen there is so good!

No pictures because those were lost but you can see the mouth-watering pictures on the website itself. The sides were good and the ramen was so good that I actually ordered seconds! At Ippudo, it is similar to traditional ramen places where you leave the soup in the bowl as an indication for noodles top up.

The places is so popular that it is packed all the time. We were lucky to get seats and when we left, there was a long queue that snaked all the way out of the main entrance. I wanted so bad to return back for more ramen but then we got Omakase instead which was fantastic and that will be in another post altogether.

Right now, I am craving for Ippudo ramen..

65 4th Ave (E9th St)
New York
+1 (212) 388 0088

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