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Cold in Denver

The official start of winter

B.T's parents sent us a note wishing us luck for the upcoming marathon. They also sent pictures of the snowfall in Colorado currently. It started snowing yesterday - 12-24 inches deep! Temperatures are between -6 to -1 which is warmer than when we visit in January where it drops to -15 but I didn't experience that much snow then! Strangely, the sun will come up tomorrow and the temperatures will start to move up. As cold it as it sounds, the pictures are lovely though.

Meanwhile, the temperatures in NYC are dropping. It's changed from sunny to rainy on race day and temperatures ranging from 4-14 degrees celsius! I hope it won't be too coooold. Brrrrr... B.T says that the chill in NYC is different from the chill in Portland so the scarves, beanie, stockings, gloves and boots are packed into my luggage!

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Colorado 2009

Taken outside his house

Colorado is similar to Portland - beautiful and serene with a quiet air around it. I love the fact that you can engage in all kinds of sports in both. The only difference is that Colorado has about 300 days of sunlight - which B.T often reminds me about. He is naturally biased. Haha.

Winter this time around was more enjoyable compared to last year. Mainly because I got to experience falling snow and could snowboard. I love how winter feels different, but sometimes, I find myself missing the warm weather. Shopping is a pain because if I decide to try on something, it will mean peeling off layers of clothing. Also, the air is so dry that I land up slathering moiturizer on my body regularly. Even B.T uses hand cream. But I do love the fact that I don't need to put on rouge because I get rosy cheeks, or that my hair behaves as the lack of humidity makes my hair.. very manageable. Although, I noticed that hair, tends to grow faster in the cold. Which is annoying in the places where you don't want it to be!

It was a chilled out trip. We snowboarded for a day and spent most of the time lazing around in his house (and allowing ourselves to be mothered around excessively by his folks *grin). TS flew in from Portland to join in so that contributed to the fun factor for me. On the last day, we drove over to downtown Denver at Pearl Street and ambled around before hanging around at a bar with a lovely platter of cheese and a huge glass of house wine.

As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

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Shabu Shabu

Food tasting in the U.S

Afghan food

Each time I visit the U.S, I land up dropping some weight. Strange but true. I attribute it to the long haul flights and jet lag. Also, food is so rich that I feel sick and eat lesser each time.

Other than the usual fast food fix that he needed to get, we managed to savor 2 other unique cuisines this time around - Afghanistan and Etopian food!

The verdict? Great for both accounts! Afghan food is heavy with gravies and meats like chicken, beef and lamb. Very tasty but you feel completely stuffed after it. The Etopian food platter that we ordered to share, was mainly vegetarian. It's a tad like Indian food - hummus, chick pea dips, some fish and chicken. You eat it with a flat bread that is similar to Naan. Again, tasty.

Compared to our food trail in Japan, I would definitely go for Jap food anytime. I could eat that over and over again and not get sick of it (well, sometimes but I would always love it). But I guess on this trip, we managed quite a good variety and had some new tastings.

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First time snowboarding

This is what I did whenever I fell - laid down for awhile to chill

We both grew up in opposites environment. He grew up skiing and sledging, I grew up swinging on monkey bars and running around in the sun. This is the first time that I have experienced falling snow, and doing my first winter sport.

I chose snowboarding because I decided that handling two skis will be tougher than one board. Apparently, learning how to ski is easier because you just move forward. Learning to snowboard is tougher because you need to heel and toe and move sideways and balance on a board. But progressing on a snowboard is easier, and it's a cooler sport :P

Both are expensive sports - gear, rentals, lifts. But I love my first experience and want more!

B.T's a skiier, does black and double black slopes but has only snowboarded several times but was sweet to accompany me on my first snowboard experience. TS started learning in Portland. So we all decided to go for a first timer class. We got an instructor - us three plus another guy.

We decided to do snowboarding at keystone since he said the bunny slopes were good for beginners. His parents were sweet enough to drive us up and hang around till we were done 6 hours later! On the trip up, my usual car sickness acted up and I threw up my entire breakfast of cheerios and milk :\ Horrible. But I felt loads better after.

The resort was beautiful. Snow in Colorado is really gorgeoues. Powder snow that is soft and clean. We didn't go all the way up to the tops because we were signed on beginners, but he said that at the top, you could ski down continously for half an hour, depending on your speed. And boy did those slopes look insane! Steep and winding!

Getting dressed and ready is tiring. Here's the drill -

:: Baselayer - thermal. Inner layer - wool sweather and sweat pants. Out layer - snowboard/ski jacket and pants. Then scarf, beanie, googles, gloves/mittens, inner socks and outer wool socks. Wear the snowboard boots and collect the board.

The first segment of the lessons were painful. Learning all the steps, dragging the heavy snowboard with one leg etc. My knees, shins and wrists (from sliding on the ground) were hurting. We wore bike shorts underneath to pad our butts and it helped. Each time I fell, it was so frustrating and painful but you pick yourself up and try again. I hate doing the toe in but managed the heeling well. I was also the only 'regular', the rest were goofy so I had to do things opposite. They all said I did well for a first timer :)

At the end of the day, I managed so move around on my own, flip myself around to get into the various positions, get up on the snowboard (feet binded in) a and stand, move off on my own, heel out and snowboard down the slope - without falling :) And coming to a stop without falling. Yay!

I can't wait to snowboard again - hopefully, soooon!

More pictures and a video will be on facebook, later :)

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Roppongi Hills

Winter chill

At his front door step

In the neighbourhood

I am finally standing in fresh snow

I love the weather descriptions - snow flurries, snow showers, sunny with snow etc. I was yearning to see falling snow, powder snow as a matter of fact. I got my wish. But Brrrrrr, I think I prefer living in warmer climates -Erik, I have no idea how you guys can tolerate the cold in Canada!!

When we touched down and I was looking out of the plane window, I was squealing away in excitement as B.T pointed out to me the falling snow flakes. It was really pretty. Glistering bits on the snow covered ground.

The snow everywhere is different. At this time of the year here, it's powdery. The flakes that fall are tiny. The ground is slightly icy but soft. What makes Colorado more beautiful, is that it is usually sunny even with snow.

That's the beauty of winter. The downside of it is that it's utterly freezing cold! It doesn't help that the air here is dry too so we need dehumidifyers and loads of moisturizer. Sitting on the cold toilet seat is a real bi**h and I would be yelling for the first few minutes in the shower before it heats up. Brrrrr.

Last night, temperatures dropped to -16 (degrees celsius). I was huddled in bed last night under two duvets. I couldn't sleep because it was cold and the air was dry. So I got up, put on socks and took a third duvet. Bah. On top of that, I am wearing double layer tops - long sleeve under a short sleeve tee, and pants.

It's -12 right now but according to the report, it feels like -19! The sun is up and nice but it is still cold and snowing. We are heading out later so I will be dressing warm for sure! Gawd I am so glad that I brought my wool pullovers!

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Cold in Denver

Celebrating the lunar moo year in U.S

I am kinda missing the festivities over back home in Singapore. Not that my family exactly celebrates it. But I miss that whole vibe about it and the lunar new year feel.

It's really different over here. It doesn't even feel like Chinese New year. We had a reunion dinner of sorts with his brother in the Bay Area - Mexican food :P Heh. Not exactly authentic for a lunar new year celebration, but it was good.

We brought over pineapple pillow tarts and 'bak kwa' for his folks and we had a nice and quiet home-cooked dinner at his home earlier on. Chinese homecooked food :)

It's been a nice trip so far, I haven't done any crazy shopping. We did spend 4 hours at the outlet mall but I just bought a couple of items. I did get some cool deals at Sports Basement for ski gear. Funky looking stuff from Burton's :P

The bulk of the trip was meeting up with his old school mates and buddies. It was a whirlwind of meetings, packed back to back, meeting after meeting - I was shaking many hands. But it was nice meeting the friends that he went to school with or worked with.

The Bay Area has been truly wonderful. I last (and first) visited it when I was 12. So that was really eons ago. We drove all over from San Jose to Mountain View to Foster City to Paulo Alto and of course, down town in San Francisco. One thing that I appreciate about Singapore, is that commuting time is literally a fraction of the time you spend here. You can't call a friend to say, meet you in half an hour because it's a pretty big area.

I'll post more updates, with photos, later. I'm kinda tired out from all the partying and stuff. I'll have to spend some time doing some work to meet some deadlines. Meanwhile, I'm trying to stay warm in freezing Colorado where we touched down to icy temperatures of -12 degrees celsius (similar to last year). But this time around, it is snowing! Powder snow so I'm pleased. It's going to be coooold tonight though. With temperatures dropping down to -18 degrees celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Lunar New Year. Ciao peeps.

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It was -12 degrees celcius. Brrrrr


Didn't getta see falling snow. Only snow on the ground :(

Arby's. Mmmmm

In Denver

At Boulder. It was freezing cold and windy!

The two brothers


With his folks

Rest of pics here

I wished we had more time in Colorado. Seriously.

Colorado is this nice quiet place, sunny almost all year around, but temperatures dip low. It varied between minus 12 and hoovered just above 1 to 2 degrees celcius during the day. The pace of life is pretty laid back. It's a place where everyone is into some sort of sports or so. It's a place where triathlons are popular, a place where I would love to ride a bike around. It has its charms in its own special way.

The first morning, we woke up so late, it was embarassing! Actually, I woke up early but decided to dive back under the covers since the rest of the house was still in siesta. Then the next thing I knew, it was close to noon. Urgh. Andrea! Where the hell are your manners? My poor frozen brain was shouting at me.

It was cold. We spent the first five to ten minutes shivering in the car waiting for the heater to start up. Then it was fine until we stepped out into the cold. I wore my gloves and beanie all the time. We drove to the recreation centre that I mentioned in my entries whilst in Colorado, and that was nice burst of excercise that I squeezed in.

Everywhere around is beautiful. From his house, I could see the faint outline of the mountains. Snow-capped. Lovely. The most beautiful sight to me in Europe was in Austria. Where we stayed at a quaint hotel. I woke up each morning, stood at the windows to face a breathtaking view. Snow capped mountains that seemed within reach. I could almost stretched out more arm to touch it. And that was beautiful. In all honesty, Colorado doesn't have that same beauty, the beauty is of a quieter sort. It doesn't pop out to make you go 'Wow' immediately. But it's a quiet sorta beauty that grows on you..

He went on his fast food binge. Arby's, Chipotle, etc etc. *rolls eyes. I indulged a little. I guess it does taste good :P I visited huge supermarkets. Too big, too mind boggling. Then I saw the rows of green bottles that made my knees go weak, oooh, I was like a child in a candy store. But then I had a problem. Luggage weight limit. So I couldn't buy most of it. What a pity.

It was a beautiful stay, with lovely people, a great experience. I wished we had time to ski. I really wished we had. Maybe the next time around. But for now, a lovely memory :)

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Snow on the ground

The backyard of B.T's house

Isn't it pretty?

Fallen snow on the ground. I saw it last night, and this morning. But I have yet to witness falling snow - the type that feels like fluffy cotton candy.

The house is nice and warm right now. So I don't feel the cold. Last night, when I trooped up to my room, I started to shiver a little. Then I dived under the comforter (made of down), shivered for five minutes before I felt warm.

I am feeling very much at home right now :) His mom is so sweet. The bathroom has all kinds of toiletries for me to use - just like in a hotel! We just did a huge load of laundry, gonna have some home-cooked 'mee sua' for lunch before running around for some errands and stuff.

Hmmm. Maybe we can do some skiing afterall.

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