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Flowers after the rain

I have been messing around with my G10 - my favorite is trying to do the bokeh effect. It's not easy using a non-dSLR but so far, I am quite pleased with the results. It's not too bad considering that I am not using a dSLR, which once you have, it's quite easy to achieve beautiful photos.

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hungry after ride

Seafood warung at Jimbaran Bay

Always packed

Seafood by the beach is like a must-have in Bali. We went for the experience - which was very nice indeed, but food was just alright. The grilled skinny corn on cobs were the best :P

It is funny how our Bali trip didn't turn out to be cheap at all. I guess that was because we decided to splurge on the villa and food. I would love to do a yearly trip to Bali but we will see.

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Well-being spa

The walk to the rooms

Our room

A couple of recommendations were thrown to us for a massage in Bali, but the hotel had already made arrangements for us at their recommendation - the Well-being spa which was 5 minutes away from Kiss Bali.

We opted for the 3 hours traditional Balinese massage and treatment. Note that this was actually not listed at the spa but the staff said that he would honor what we saw on the website and gave it to us at USD$55! I was impressed!

I tend to prefer Balinese massage to Thai. I prefer the type that involves more kneading, long but firm massage strokes and pressure point massage. The massage was good and relaxing - firm but not too hard. I am not a fan of the typical spa massages where is very light.. the scrub, soak and facial wasn't exactly our favorite though. I think we just prefer the body massage. Heh. So next time around, I'll just opt for a 2-3 hours body massage minus the frills.

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Puerto Vallarta beach

It was a relaxing holiday - Part 1

Messing around

I was given many suggestions on what to do in Bali. I didn't do most of them simply because for us, we enjoy having a relaxing holiday when at a beach resort i.e. lounge around in the villa and do nothing but read, relax and chill.

If you've been following my blog long enough, you might have read about our trip to Lombok a few years back. In fact, that was our first holiday together so it was most memorable :)

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The rather grand looking entrance

Metis in Bali came highly recommended by several friends. If not for the fact that it came highly recommended, we would not have stepped into the place as it looked too posh!

This restaurant serves French cuisin and getting a reservation was challenging. The hotel tried calling on our behalf a number of times for a whole day and couldn't get through. We only managed to contact Metis successfully after our massage session for a late dinner that very day! Even when we went at 830pm, the restaurant was full!

Metis might seem like a touristy place - many foreigners are seen here. I was quite afraid of the prices but surprisingly, for what we ordered, it came out to about SGD$50 per person. For good French food, that is reasonable. I had a list of must-haves so ordering was quite easy. Although, we still took awhile to ponder over the menu because everything sounded so good! We even started observing what other tables were ordering! After seeing countless souffles being brought out, we decided that we definitely needed to reserve space for dessert!

There were a few choices of fois gras - we went for the lengendary. It was a melt-in-the-mouth experience. The portion was generous and the raspberry sauce that came with it was a perfect combination with the pan-seared fois gras. We were glad that we shared it because the thing about foi gras is that it is rather rich. I wasn't keen on the lamb order because I'm not a fan of lamb. In fact, I don't even take lamb. But B.T liked it so we decided to try it and it actually was good considering that I don't take lamb at all!

My gnocchi was delactable. It might seem a waste to order pasta at Metis but I was enticed by the description of 'beef oxtail ragout'. Mmmm. The chunks of meat was tender and I enjoyed the unusual combination with the spinach and potato gnocchi. By the time we finished our mains, we were really glad that we decided to have dinner at Metis.

Dessert was my biggest highlight. The souffle is a huge serving - a chocoholic like me doesn't even think that she can finish all of it! I was hoping and praying that I wouldn't get a reaction to the chocolate - thankfully I didn't! I think souffles are one of the hardest desserts to make and this one was well done. It was soggy or undercooked and the thick slightly bitter chocolate inside was heavenly.

If you visit Bali, Metis should be on your list. It might seem weird to have fine dining cuisin in Bali, but trust me, it is worth it. I guess for us, this Bali trip turned out to be pretty.. expensive :P

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Kiss Bali

Our villa

I can't believe that Bali came and went just like that. It's been two weeks since we got back and I already miss it. More specifically, I missed the Villa that we stayed at.

My expectations of Kiss Bali were high. Based on the pictures shown on the website, I was really intrigued and I fell in love with the whole feel of the place. But I was quite afraid that it wouldn't quite turn out to be what it was described as. SO I held my breath as we neared the villa and when I stepped in, WOW. Okay. This was totally worth it.

Service at Kiss Bali was impeccable. They were friendly, polite and quick in cleaning up our rooms - almost stealth like even though we were mostly lounging around our villa. They provided a free shuttle between certain hours of the day, helped us with our reservations and recommended a nice massage spa which I will write about in another post.

The complimentary 15 minutes shoulder and hand massage was so good! It was short but I was so tempted to book a full package. We had a round of (10 cans) complimentary soft drinks, fresh fruits and free WIFI. The only thing that wasn't delivered were the free chocolates.

We loved our villa so much, we were reluctant to leave it. I was busy playing Plants vs Zombies (just started on the trip itself), catching up on magazine reads and just lounging. It reminded me of our Lombok trip a few years ago although B.T insists that was better - food at Qunci was really good. But I also think that was because it was our first trip together :P

I'll stop yabbering now and let the pictures do the talking!

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