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Nike girl run

Funny running related videos

I got my new laptop at work last week and decided to 'spring-clean' some of my files. Found a couple of 'old' running videos that made me laugh.


Aren't we like Yuri sometimes when we run? Always trying to compete with that random stranger? :P

I salute this guy who came up with this hilarious video! It is a reflection on how many of us are caught up crazy with logging in our statistics and data that when we head out for a run, it does take awhile to fix everything up! And there are times where I just lace up my runners, head out and go. No watch, no music, no tracking device. Nothing. I just run.

Enjoy the videos! Meanwhile, I'm loving my new work laptop. I love it when I get new hardware :P It's one of my favorite PC brands for a laptop, it's tiny for petite me and it's good! Lovin' it!

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Social Media Revolution

I have always enjoyed learning. I think it's a never-ending experience. One can never claim to have learned everything there is to know in the world.

I am fortunate that I am still able to consistently learn new things even though I am no longer a student. The beauty about learning is that you don't have to go to a school to learn something. You can learn many things and life lessons from anyone and anywhere.

I love hearing people speak and present. Even if there is only one sentence that is valuable to me, at least, I have learnt something. Recently, my company hired a speaker and he was excellent. I had say that you are a good presenter if you can engage your audience and make them laugh.

The subject was on social media and it's such a compelling video that I had to post and share


I love watching a good ad - when it's good. But what I love more are the spoofs :P Whether it's good or bad for the brand name, it might actually create more hype than originally intended

Original Nokie N93 TV ad

The Hokkien spoof

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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Videos and music

I just finished work. It's quite late but it's okay. It's the standard seasonal meetings. Anyway, the morning run today needed some motivation so I decided to run with some music. My power song was Hed Kandi's Empty Streets. Or rather, it has been my power song for quite awhile now :) Decided to share it below with two more other videos. Call it a short way of de-stressing after a long work day.

Hed Kandi's Empty Streets

I love this song so much. It gets me pumped up and going. If I run with music for the upcoming marathon, this will be my starting song :) Or maybe, I'll just play it when I need the extra boost.

Lady Antebellum's Need You Now

My current favorite song on perpetual repeat.

B.T and I share the same taste in music. We love a wide genre of music but somehow or other, we land up loving the same songs. He sent this song to me. He said that he knew that I would like it and it was for me. It made me cry.

Nike's latest ad - Write the Future

Nike's latest ad that was launched a week ago, rawks. Within a week, it has 8million over views for the main video and with many others' posting the videos with similarly high viewership. It's been described as 'epic' by my friends on Facebook and I have to agree.

I think Pat aptly describes this latest campaign. Most are probably familiar on who Pat is :) She's one of the few bloggers out there that doesn't review a product or brand just for the sake of it. She won't do it if she doesn't believe in the product even if you paid her a lot for it. It's her integrity and I really respect her for it. Reading her write-up on it, I'm really happy because it's a good testimonial. So I am posting it here just in case you have yet to watch it :)

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Good morning!

Good Morning by Charmillionaire

I'm usually not a fan of rap - hip hop and R&B is good, but this song that B.T was dancing and laughing to whilst hanging out the laundry, was too funny.

Since my friend recently got an unkind annoymous comment and I believe most of my fellow bloggers would have had that at some point or other (me included), so this song is quite apt. Listen to the lyrics, some don't make sense but most of it do.

My take on annoymous comments? Actually, be it good or bad, it is only basic courtesy to leave at least a name. Otherwise, it is not showing the receiver or blogger that you are writing to, any respect. The only time a person should remain annoymous is when his/her's life is endangered and protection is required. Otherwise, you are just admitting that you are afraid of having what you said/write, being called out as incorrect! It is like blowing the whistle on someone but refusing to accept responsibility for stating that claim ;)

Just my two cents worth!

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Us front porch

Dear Life

Plugged into my iPhone, listening to my favorite playlist whilst cranking through work. The sniffles are (thankfully) gone - all thanks to the magic of NyQuil. Now I just hope that sick co-workers will do what is right and goddamn stay at home if they are sick. I only caught the sniffles this time around.

Anyway, I'm still feeling tad drowsy from the effects of NyQuil but heaps better and fine. But grumpy that I didn't manage to clock in a run yesterday because of the cold.

One of the songs on my playlist is a song from the movie Step Up. I love this song. It makes me wanna dance. And the lyrics, quite beautiful. Here are parts dedicated to B.T, with the rest below the cut - ...

Collapse )

Sometimes in life,
You run across a love unknown,
Without a reason, it seems like you, belong.
Hold on Dear Life,
Don’t go off running from what’s new,
I became somebody, through loving you.

Collapse )
I know with you in love is where I wonna be,
Collapse )

Dear Life - Anthony Hamilton from Step Up

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Our 2009 in photos and videos

Our 2009 in photos and videos from ndrea77 on Vimeo.

This video was originally made for B.T's parents who live far away in the States. We usually do a newsletter for them to update them on our lives here in Singapore. This time around, I decided to compile a video instead. It was originally posted on FB but I decided to share it here - and my Dad who is on FB but refuses to add me! :P

It was nostalgic going through the 12 photo folders and looking through my small collection of short video clips, difficult to decide which photos and clips to be included because there are so many and each shot has a meaning to it and just recalling all the memories :)

Creating the video took longer than expected because Windows Movie Maker hung like (no kidding) 50 times. So every time I inserted a text or added a picture, it hung. It took me another 5 minutes to exit the program and re-start. My Lenovo X300 (MacBook Air equivalent) runs on 3GB of RAM and is a good model and recent so it wasn't the hardware. Also, I was only running WMM and disabled even my Anti-Virus! So it was painful. Hoping to find an alternative software for my PC based laptop so if anyone has any recommendations, please flow them this way :)

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