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Leif Erickson run

Running in the winter isn't fun. You need to be bundled up and it does get biting cold.

The day right after I landed, TS dragged me out for a run. A slow 6 miler. It's never slow in winter though. It's so cold, you run as fast as you can to warm up. My fingers were freezing even beneath gloves! I think that's why people here run so fast - the weather forces you too! No wonder she's getting faster and faster!

I landed up with sniffles for a few days as I probably caught a chill but loaded up on vitamin C and was fine in two days. She got it bad though and had a bad cough and cold. I think I'd rather run in the heat!

Meanwhile, I finally got a pair of long running tights. I figured that I'll need them for my travels when I run in the cold.

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Notice some lip color?

No makeup, just the lipstick

Limited Disney lipstick - Heartless

Off to a Xmas party</b>

I'm not usually a lipstick girl.

My lips are naturally reddish so in all other photos that you see, I'm not wearing lipstick and only use a chap stick. I used to get into trouble at school for 'wearing lipstick' because my lips were always red and I had to rub my lip with the back of my hand to prove that I wasn't. The Chinese say it's a sign of 'heatiness'. Perhaps so, but it's always been so. Lip colors hardly stay on and I got lazy having to re-apply it.

My colleague bought a bright red lipstick and we were gushing over how it made her lips stand out and everyone was just automatically drawn to her lips. It was very enchanting. I decided to get one from M.A.C since it is really affordable at USD14.50.

I realized that there are very few bright red lipstick colors offered probably because not everyone likes it and prefer nude tones. It was easy picking one out. I love the heartless color from the Disney range and after I tested it on, the M.A.C girl and TS immediately went omg that looks so good on you. I did like the effect of it and got it, TS got one too :)

TS had her make up done and I learnt some good tips from the makeup artist. I don't use foundation or pressed powder and minimal coverage but always find make up fascinating. The lip color doesn't show up to be very red in the photos but in person, it's a fire engine sort of red! It's very obvious!

That night when we went out for an early Xmas dinner with a bunch of friends, we tried to glam it up and I wore my LBD, put on make up, she curled my hair for me and I wore some heels :) It was a lot of fun. The only gripe was that she'd a tough time getting the curls to stay in my hair as my fine hair just won't hold any styling. Even with hair spray and styling lotion, the curls went straight after about 2 hours -_-

P.SI think every girl should have a red lipstick in her hand bag especially on dates ;) Methinks I need to get a pair of bright red patent heels to go with it!

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Repeat minis

You'll probably get sick of seeing this but I need to constantly remind myself about cupcakes :p The obligatory cupcake visit to Saints Cupcakes and the picture.

Red velvet was sold out so I settled for chocolate chocolate, vanilla vanilla and carrot cake.

P.S I'm not done with my Chicago entries! Will get to it soon and Bangkok is almost done :p And as you can tell, I also did a trip to Portland recently. But since I visit Portland regularly, I'll just post about new places and as promised, at least two new food places!

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Crate and Barrel


Festive reindeer candle holders

Table setting for a Christmas dinner

Adorable ornaments

Even before the renovation plans were even thought of a year back, I've always been intrigued and attracted to furniture stores especially the ones in State side for example, Pottery Barn (fab stuff for kids by the way), Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond and shops like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters that create a homey environment in store.

The seasonal sales were out in full force during my recent Portland trip and I couldn't help but to wander into Crate & Barrel and spent some time inside browsing and admiring and leaving with a paper bag of house stuff.

I got non of the above, unfortunately, saw some great pillows but it was too bulky for this trip so it'll be the next trip, and just got a serving platter for a mere USD$9.99 and tealight holders for just USD$0.99-1.40 each! Prices here are still relatively cheap. We got a decent trade discount whilst buying from Siah Huat and ToTT but this was still cheaper - almost the exact same quality crockery ware.

Trust me. I would have shipped back more if I wasn't maxed out on 3 luggages filled with Christmas gifts, my travel stuff and items that family and friends asked me to bring back.

A side note, that's one thing I LOVE about United - for Gold and 1L status, you are allowed to bring on (for free) three luggages each 32kg or 70lbs in weight. SQ provides way less - last I remembered it was 25 kg per luggage times two.

Anyway, Crate & B was decked out in Christmas decor which was lovely to admire and the ornaments were so cute! Since we won't be in our house during Xmas, I figured I'll do it next year.

Oh. I think I went a little candle crazy too :p Bath and bodyworks and Target are offering great deals so I got a couple more -_- Almost lugged back a USD$9.99 lava lamp and candle stands but restrained myself.

Hope everyone has their tree up and is in the festive mood already because I certainly am!

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Preppy for winter

2-in-1 shirt from f21, H&M scarf, GStar jeans, Steve Madden suede boots

Winter is not my favorite time to travel but I don't really have a choice when it's for work. It's just the packed flights, delays and bitter cold and wet weather that makes everything a huge hassle.

I'm literally just re-using my base heatech layers and changing the top otherwise there'll be so much to bring along! And the scarves and boots come out of the closet.

I still maintain that summer and autumn are my favorite seasons of the year!

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Piazza Italia


It wasn't the first time that I have visited Piazza Italia - perhaps the second or third. Somehow, I didn't write about it (I think). So here goes.

As its name suggests, it's an Italian restaurant that serves pizzas, which is just one part of the menu. The owner is an avid football fan and has a penchant for collecting football jerseys, which he will proudly display on the ceiling of his restaurant. Service here is warm and you can expect hearty portions.

The place is usually packed even on weekdays and it doesn't quite help that the space is quite small. There are a couple of tables along the street for outdoor dining so that's lovely during the Summer. If you would like to dine here, it is best to make reservations otherwise you might have to wait for awhile. We were quite lucky that a large group was leaving just as we arrived so it was just a 10 minutes wait.

The salads are really tasty. It's all in the dressing and the fresh ingredients that are used. There is something nice about a warm spinach salad though I usually prefer my salads to be cold. I didn't fancy eating pizza as I just had it a Fifty-Fifty, so I opted for the pasta. Portions sizes are huge so for pasta dishes, I think it's best to share.

I have never had a chance to try out the desserts as I am usually stuffed by the end of the meal. Perhaps the next time. :)

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Piazza Italia
1129 NW Johnson ST
OR 97209
+1 (503) 478 0169

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Beef medallions which were so-so

I noticed a trend in restaurants. It starts off good, the quality of the food and service is top notched, word gets around and before you know it, everyone is checking it out. However, sad to note that along the way or after its popularity peaks, the standards start to slide downwards. It's a real pity. Of course, some are still able to sustain what they were popular for but most of the case, you will land up saying, "It isn't as good as it used to be."

As a result of some miscommunication within the team, we landed up at Ringside - the steakhouse, which none of us really wanted to go. Like above, it started off good but then it is now isn't as good as it used to be. Ringside shifted to a new location and sad to say, the standards have dropped. Service isn't stellar and I think there are many other places with better steak options.

What remains good though is the large onion rings and the French onion soup though that was slightly on the salty side. I hope this will be my last visit to Ringside because I'm truly, quite sick of it.

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Lovely's Fifty-fifty

Excellent ice cream.

My colleagues love going back to the same eating places over and over again each time we are back in Portland. I never understood that. Much as I am a creature of habit when it comes to eating back home, I love checking out new eating places whenever I travel and Portland is no exception.

Whenever I hang out with TS or D, I will request to go to somewhere different. Somewhere that I have never been too. The recommendation was for pizzas at Fifty fifty which I initially thought would be boring because, urgh, pizzas again?! But I was lured by the fact that it was over at Mississippi, an area that I've never been to and they had good ice cream.

I absolutely loved the decor and ambience of Fifty-fifty. I felt as though I was stepping into someone's cozy house. Wooden tables and chairs, shelves, glasses, high ceilings with wooden beams, low hanging lights and dim lighting - it was all very nice and warm.

The menu is simple - specialty is pizza. Pizza crusts are thin and the toppings yummy. I love the roasted eggplant pizza and the one with 4 types of sausages on top of it. And you have to keep space for dessert. Ice cream that is! I had my heart set on the honey lavender the moment I stepped in so it was an easy choice for me. We all ordered something different so we had a good sampling. I liked all the flavors actually! The salted caramel was my second favorite to the honey lavender followed by the malted milk ball and the Valrhona chocolate chunk cream. Mmmm!

Lovely's Fifty-Fifty
4039 Mississippi Ave N Suite 101
OR 97227
+1 (503) 281 4060

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