Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Perfect timing

Sometimes I really do love how friends can knock so much sense into this tiny head of mine. At the perfect timing as well.

That magazine in the bathroom, left on top of the pile, was deliberately left there for me. I read the article twice and went OMG. This is timely advice. A few days later, we got onto that topic and I said, Ooh I read this article in your mag in the bathroom and it really helped. She said, I meant to ask you to read it. I read it twice.

Good friends are true blessings from above. The other day, a close friend of mine told me that I'm a really good friend and it really made my day. I have a few treasured good friends around me and it's good to know that I am one for them too.

On the same topic of 'advices', I meant to post this earlier but never got around to doing it. Well, better late than never :)

“The first thing to do to become happier, paradoxically, is to accept painful emotions, to accept them as a part of being alive. You know, there are two kinds of people who don’t experience painful emotions such as anxiety or disappointment, sadness, envy; two kinds of people who don’t experience these painful emotions. They are the psychopaths and the dead. So if we experience painful emotions at time, it’s actually a good sign. It means that we’re not a psychopath and we’re alive. The paradox is that when we give ourselves the permission to be human, the permission to experience the full gamut of human emotion. We open ourselves up to positive emotions as well,” – Tal Ben-Shahar, Psychology Lecturer at Harvard

Orignally posted by bigthink, re-posted by Rachel. A new 'friend' from cyberspace, I started reading and following her blog for awhile now. Always beautifully written and real, and half of the time inspiring :) Hope to meet you babe and I'll definitely holler when I swing over State side ;)

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