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The final test of endurance

Most thought that I was quite insane to extend my work trip by a day to run. Yes. To do a 20 miler. But I did want to run the last 20 miler with TS who will be my running buddy for the Chicago marathon and we spent some quality time together as well.

How did the run go?

It was painful.

We had a few days of sun or rather, the last few days of summer in Portland and then it did a radical change from summer to fall. Bye bye sun, hullo rain. It rained for the entire day and the 4 hours that we ran. I am used to training in the heat under the blazing sun as I often run during lunch time or used to do my 3 hour runs at 10am. But honestly, running in the rain isn't as fun as it might sound especially when it isn't just a drizzle but continuous rainfall that leaves your shoes soaking wet, your hair drenched and your skin perpetually damp.

We started running at 1pm and I estimated that we'll end at 5pm if we included toilet and water breaks and stretching etc. It was raining the moment we started out and if it wasn't for the fact that I was running with TS, I would have said, Screw this. But the both of us are pretty stubborn and mentally strong in terms of endurance - we both are able to run for 4 hours without music.

I was so glad that I wore my vest which was waterproof so my top didn't get totally drenched but it did get cold and miserable and the rain kept getting into our eyes. I requested for a flat route but it's quite hard to get a 100% flat route in Portland so there were still some hills to climb.

We ran all over Portland. North Portland, northeast, southwest, by the waterfront, along the highway, across bridges, through neighbor hoods.. you get the drift. We thought the rain would stop but it just kept raining and raining. By mile 11, we were starting to get quite fed up with the rain but we were already half way through and refused to give up.

My right foot started to cramp up - the arch was aching, so I kept stopping to stretch. It started to bother me a lot but I decided to just rough it out because it wasn't an injury but rather I had used to wrong shoe to run the 20 miles in. We both got really quiet and all you could hear was the splashing of our feet on the wet roads. It was miserable. And cold.

The last 7 miles went by painfully slow. All I could think of was to get out of my shoes and wet clothes and take a hot shower. I swear there were times where we both were quite ready to sit down and cry. We had some company at mile 16 so it made things slightly better but I was still rather grumpy and my foot was bothering me.

The last time miles was a run up the damn hill to TS' house. I think she was the one dragging me along as I was tempted to just walk it out. Then we finally reached her house and it said 19.8miles on our watches and she said, Shall we just finish the last 0.2miles? I almost threw my shoe at her. But I didn't and I grunted and muttered, Ok. So down the slope and up the slope we ran to finish the 0.2miles. I have to admit that I felt damn proud of ourselves when the watch beeped to notify that we had hit our 20th miler.

We literally kicked off our shoes and walked barefooted all the way back to her apartment and spent the next 15 minutes taking a hot shower. And believe it or not, we actually did some shopping (though we could barely walk) before we had dinner -_-

That was the last 20 miler of my training. YAY! Taper week starts NOW so I think my life will get slightly easier from now on :)

P.S I have been receiving numerous queries via Facebook, emails, comments etc about the Sony Nex-5 and getting a bit tired of repeating myself, so, I'll promise that I'll do a review on it once and for all here, as soon as I can! I have been utterly busy with travels , training, work and stuff and I've not even started planning out for the upcoming vacation *shrieks. Also, I'll write out one on 'travel tips' since that question came in through email as well. Be patient please!

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