Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Still missing in action

I'm loving Lexi aka the Sony Nex-5. I need to start fixing on the flash as some of my pictures are looking wee too dark.

What I am not loving is the fact that I've made reservations for the pancake lenses for more than a month and the stock is still not in! I know that the Sony Nex series is one of the hottest buys right now but c'mon! Get the stock in already. Grrr. And my lens voucher had better be valid by the time the lens decides to make an appearance because it will really suck big time if Sony doesn't honor the voucher and it's their fault for not stocking up!

Okay. Me am grumpy right now. Call it jet-lag. A foot massage should help solve that.

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Tags: gadgets, randoms

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