Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Ippudo Tao

The second Ippudo Tao isn't as crowded - no queuing is required so it will be another option for us when we have a ramen craving. I still maintain that the standard is still different from the first Ippudo that I tried. That was before it came into Singapore and got hugely popular! More details on the differences in the outlet in Singapore versus the one in New York City here.

One slight variance at the Ippudo Tao versus the one at the Mandarin Gallery is the Tao ramen which has an oilier soup base with garlic mixed into it and the ramen noodles is different as well.

Ipuddo Tao
207 River Valley Road
#01-55/56 UE Square
+65 6887 5315

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Tags: food

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