Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

When I get lost, nobody is surprised

Still on the topic of my reputation (at work) for having a hopeless sense of direction.

After my director emailed on the Christmas gift idea for yours truly (and my manager), she received my out of office notice which said that I was on a market visit (the day before). I had forgotten to turn it off when I got in the next morning and she replies to me, Wasn't the market visit yesterday? Or are you still roaming around Orchard? i.e. did you get lost? -_- Hur hur hur.

And this is because I got lost trying to get out of the shopping mall.

And I got lost trying to walk back to my hotel from the mall (after visiting Portland for a dozen times) - I walked around in a square twice, before realizing that I got it wrong.

And I got lost walking in a circle. Don't ask me how I did it but I did.

And every time my co-workers try to 'test' me on a run by letting me run up front, I make a turn in the complete opposite direction - Andy!!! Where on earth are you going??!

And my teammate is so aware of my sense of direction that she types out ONE page of directions to get to the outlet in Hong Kong with instructions like - walk till you see this building called X and I suggest that you stay on the bus till it reaches the end of the terminal otherwise you might get off the wrong stop.

Oh and my manager is like me. He was planning to run 5km but landed up running 17km because he got lost :P And so whenever we run, it becomes a running joke. Pun intended.

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