Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

The perfect gift for (guess who)?

That was the title of the email that came from my director this morning - to my entire team.

The contents were somewhere along the lines of -

In case you're stuck with gift ideas for some members in our team (I shan't name names) this Christmas, this gift is perfect for the recipient and their families and loved ones who will always know where they are .. only for USD$1.99

Oh. And it'll only cost each person USD$0.10.

I guess this is what I get when I have an infamous reputation for having a bad sense of direction. Although the email was for both me and my manager, who quickly stated that mine was worse.

And oh. She tells me that We'll get something for B.T so that he can track me (wherever I am since I always get lost) on his iPhone.


The latest suggestion was to tie a balloon with a very long string so that I can be located wherever I go. IF they want to that is.

What a lovely sparkling team I have.

Now, they are trying to persuade my manager and I to form a team for the Amazing Race together. However, they are predicting that we will only appear in the first episode of the season and will only appear two seasons later.

B.T is laughing his socks off.

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