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Each time I travel, I will pick up a couple of magazines. However, I never manage to read through the stack before the next pick-up. I still do so each time and flip and read through them whenever I can.

It sounds bimbotic to say this, but I LOVE Vogue magazine (U.S version). It's not all just ads and fashion fluff as it does have good articles inside that are very well-written if I might add. It's no wonder that they say that once you have written for Vogue, you can pretty much write for any other fashion magazine.

In one of the recent issues, my favorite article is the one of Natalie Massenet. I won't go into details of how inspiring she is but I am a huge fan of hers. Let's just say that I'll read any write-up about her. She reminds me of my friend's sister who is a well-known business woman in Singapore but I am too shy to say who she is and that I have admired her LOADS since like when I was 22! And still do, by the way.

I respect many companies in the world not just because they are big MNCs but the history behind each. Of course, the Swoosh is one of them and I'm not being biased but that's one of the reasons why I joined the company. I strongly believed that you can only work well and put in your best if you truly believe in the brand and the product. I have politely declined offers previously not because of the package or so, but because I couldn't believe in the product 100%. There are quite a few on my list that I really respect but I won't list it here because I guess these might be the ones that I potentially would want to work for if and when I decide to change companies.

When it comes to purchasing products and being brand loyal, there are definitely attributing factors that make me become a regular customer. Zappos is a very good example. After the utterly good service that I received, I have been a repeat customer. It's one of my favorite websites to shop at.

I also admire Zappos for their company values and of course, their main goal which is to provide the best service there is to their customers. The call centre is EXCELLENT, they provide a free two way shipping and a 365 days policy refund. How do they keep their staff so motivated? All hired staff undergo a month of training in customer loyalty and have to work at the call centre for at least two weeks, and speak to customers. So whether you are a clerk or a director, you have to go through that. And this is the best part. After a week of training, new employees will be offered USD$3,000 to leave i.e. QUIT, with no strings attached! Sounds bizarre? This ensures that they people that stay, do it because they really love the job and want to. Does this work? Well, about 97% turn down the offer and stay. Companies that treat their employees well result in happy employees which result in happy customers.

A bit of a random post here, but well, as tagged, it's random :P

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