Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Has it?

Is it just me but I think that the prices at Soup Spoon have increased? The regular soup with iced lemon tea and garlic foccacia cost SGD13.10. It feels as though the portions have been trimmed down as well.

And I really don't fancy eating at places that charge for regular tap water - Sorry we don't serve water here. Bah. I just needed to take my meds!

That's one thing I love about the U.S. Water is served in all restaurants and cafes because it's illegal not to. I was told that if I was running and needed water badly and ran inside a restaurant asking for water, they can not allow me to sit inside but they cannot deny me a cup of water. And if they don't and I collapse outside the restaurant, they'll be liable. The rationale? All human beings deserve the basic need for survival i.e. water.

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