Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

A funny start, a funny visit

My back is getting better. Thank gawd.

It's an improvement from Saturday night when I was wincing as I laid down on my back and lying on my right side was too painful. So I spent the night sleeping at some weird angle (on the left), then I felt feverish so I took NyQuil and had a better rest.

I decided to get meds from the clinic to speed up my recovery. The marathon is in 6 weeks time. No time to mess around. I need a fast recovery to get back into training.

Let's see how my Monday started as I headed off to the clinic -

1) I stand behind an old man who decides to stop abruptly at the foot of the escalator, to scratch his b*lls. I'm not kidding. And a queue starts to form behind him waiting for him to move off.

2) I sit next to an old man who decides to let off one of those silent but potent farts.

3) I try to explain to the doctor how I sprained my back uh I think whilst playing darts. He makes me stand up and gets me to stretch and twist, I hear something crack and I yelp. He stares at me as though I am mad when I tell him I need meds for a SPEEDY recovery as my marathon is in 6 weeks time. Then it's my turn to stare at the scrawny doctor in disbelief as he tells me that he understands how I feel as he's a sportsman himself and goes to the gym to lift weights even when his rotator cuff is injured -_- (*thinks to myself. Really? You lift weights? I can't tell).

I am prescribed 3 different types of medication with names that I have never heard of and can't pronounce and they look like some kind of candy - baby blue and white and pale yellow.

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Tags: health, randoms

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