Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

On a runner's high

I am allowing myself more rest this week so that means that I skipped my cross training workouts. I am currently at the peak of my training program and it's r-o-u-g-h.

Track work wasn't fabulous and I felt tired throughout. I tried my best to stay within the zone and barely managed to do so. The tempo run was good. I felt strong throughout it. Midway, I had a runner's high and ran faster than usual. I felt as though I was running effortlessly, my legs were just moving, I didn't need to push but just breathe steadily.

Some ask what exactly is a runner's high? I think each person experiences it differently. For me, it's a feeling of euphoria when I am running. I don't get it all the time. Rarely in fact. But when I do, I feel as though my legs are separate from my body, I can't feel them but they are just effortlessly moving as my mind commands and the body follows. So far, it happens when I'm running through an unobstructed stretch i.e. no people to dodge, no traffic lights to stop for.

B.T tried to chase me but he said I was literally cruising and he couldn't catch up :P That was for at least half a mile. According to him, I was going at a 8:15min/mile pace. When he finally caught up after I stopped to cross the road, I was not panting and breathing as per normal. Whoohoo! Yay! But that was the end of the runner's high and I went back to my regular pace.

10 miler tempo run. 6 more weeks to go..

On a totally unrelated note, hmmm I'm wondering if it was a good idea to get a white (arc) mouse because I think it's hard to keep it.. white with the constant usage -_- It does matches Julius though.

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