Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Bread and butter

Bread & butter top, f21 skirt, gifted earrings, gold Casio, Miu Miu bag & shoes

This outfit was mistaken to be a dress instead of a separate top and skirt. I found this top deeply hidden in my closet and almost forgot about it!

I do love asymmetrical designs and noticed that it is usually the local designers that offer more creative designs. The reason why I love alldressedup, M:)phosis, Mu etc.

To those that are tiny like me, what brands do you buy from? I'm having a little difficulty buying clothes as not all brands have XS or Small made in the actual sizing. For example H&M's XS is usually still too big for me but from MNG, it's perfectly fine. I wear a 00 shorts from A&F but 0 from other brands -_- confusing? There are many out there that are alot skinnier than I am so where on earth do you get your clothes from?

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