Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Mao's last dance

Inception might have been the best movie of 2010 for most, in fact, I do rate it as one of the best but Mao's last dance stole my heart.

It's been out for awhile but we only got the chance to watch it. I didn't have a clue on what it was all about except that it was centered around ballet and I agreed to watch it because I love watching dance - ballet included. It was more than just ballet. The ballet was amazing, in fact, stunning. But the story was even more beautiful. I only realized that the film was based on a true story at the end of it.

And yes, I cried.

It was such a moving scene. And for those who have watched it, will know which scene I am talking about. I could feel the tears welling up and I almost choked. I felt embarrassed that I might be the only one who was crying as I tried to subtly wipe off the tears using the sleeve of my jacket. But then I noticed that B.T who was sitting on my left and K on my right, were both wiping their eyes too.

P.S If you haven't watched it and would like to do so, don't click the link as it tells it all!

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