Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Week 10

We are in week 10 of our training. 2 more months to go before race day. We definitely have not done all the training so we don't know what the outcome might be. But by far, this might be the toughest program that we have done. Our legs get hammered during the track repeats and the tempo is okay but add in the Insanity cross training, it is really quite insane.

Glad to say that I completed every single workout this week. It wasn't easy. During the long run earlier on, I could feel the fatigue still present in my legs from Thursday's track. I didn't hit the pace that I wanted to but at least I completed the 13 miles.

The weather today is great for running by the way. It was nice running through the drizzle for the first part - feels like running through a sprinkler and the sun only came up for the last half an hour and it wasn't even too hot although it was close to noon time.

I have at least 72 hours of rest from running before the next one. Thank goodness!

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