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The Capitol and the Supreme Court

The U.S Capitol, in my personal opinion, is the most iconic building in Washington D.C. Even more so than The White House. It is a really beautiful building both during the day and night. I have only seen it during the day and actually, for all the places that I have been too! I wished that I had visited some at night because I think the lights make everything look nicer.

The U.S Capitol is featured on the reverse of the fifty dollar bill. I thought I had seen it on one of the coins but apparently not. I wished I had given more time to tour the U.S Capitol because tickets are required and the queues are usually long. Hence, I had to contend with just admiring the architecture from the outside.

It was funny that I was 'picked up' by a guy outside the U.S Capitol. As I was taking photos, he approaches me and asks if I am a runner. I said Yes, I do run. He asked if I was keen to join his running club but I said that I was just visiting. Ten minutes later as I was walking off towards the Supreme Court, he comes running after me and asks if I would like to go dancing with him this Friday. I politely declined. It was quite funny and flattering.

I love learning new facts about new places wherever I go and I learnt loads whilst sitting on the Old Trolley Tour buses.

Another interesting fact is that tourists will notice that Washington D.C has numerous cherry blossom trees or Sakura especially around the Tidal Basin - nearly 4,000 to be exact! During April, there will be spike in tourists visiting for the viewing of the cherry blossoms and it has contributed great tourism to Washington D.C.

The cherry blossoms were a gift from Japan about a century ago in 1912. The mayor of Tokyo had sent the gift to celebrate the friendship between the U.S and Japan and also because the then first lady, Helen Taft, fell in love with the cherry blossom trees during a visit. Today, only about 80 of the original trees remain and the rest are all replacements of the original gift. About a million dollars are year is spent in maintaining these beautiful trees with dedicated gardeners employed to take care of them.

Another interested fact, specific to the U.S Capitol, is about the four U.S flags flying over the Capitol. Two are located at the base of the dome on the East and West sides and the flagpoles have been there since World War 1! The other two flagpoles are above the North (Senate) and South (House of Representative) wings of The Capitol. However, the flags are only raised when the chamber below is in session. During my visit, as we were approaching the Capitol, I think the flag above the Senate was flying and by the time we reached The Capitol, it was lowered and the flag above the House of Representative was raised :) Interesting huh?

So that was my rather short visit to The Capitol, if I return to D.C, I do intend to do the full tour inside.

View of the Washington Monument from the Capitol - I've so many different views of the Monument :P

The Supreme Court

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