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Five guys

LCB (little cheeseburger) with shrooms, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato

An efficient production line

Closer view of the production line

B.T is a fast-food junkie. Whenever we return to the States, he will visit all the various fast-food joints to satisfy his junk food cravings. If we are visiting his brother who lives in the Bay Area, In-N-Out will be one of the joints.

The first time he took me there, I was amazed by their simplistic menu. Few options with all you can add and the hand-sliced fries are really good. I haven't quite found a similar fast-food joint and on this trip, I found a pretty similar outlet. Five Guys

The queue was snaking all the way to the door when we arrived during lunchtime. Fresh peanuts are available for free and it's a clever idea because as you chomp on the peanuts and wait in line, you work up the gastric juices and appetite. The menu is simple - either a regular burger or a little sized burger in 4 options - bacon and cheese, cheese, bacon, and hamburger. Hotdogs and sandwiches are available as well but nobody goes for those! It's the burgers you need to check out!

The moment I reach the counter, I am asked if I've eaten here before and am familiar with the ordering process. I replied, No. The staff proceeds to explain how the menu works. It's easy. I selected the LCB (be warned, it's actually regular sized. Regular sized burgers come with a double beef patty) and list the toppings that I want. A tip - don't select too much as it'll be really messy to it. The portion for the fries are large so buy to share! It's also hand-sliced although I think the ones at In-N-Out were better.

The burgers are tasty. They remind me of home-cooked burgers. Not the over processed ones that most fast-food joints serve. The beef patties look and taste like REAL beef patties and less plasticky. I'm usually not a fan of fast-food and hardly eat them. I love the option of grilled onions and shrooms - it makes the cheeseburger extra yummy. I finished up all of it and was kept full for awhile :)

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