Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

We should have more of this

The long weekend is what I am talking about :)

You either leverage on it by taking a short trip or just stay in town and enjoy a chilled out weekend. Sometimes, I prefer the latter because air tickets are priced higher than normal and spending the weekend doing things with no particular timeline can be nice.

What I loved about my long weekend?

::: Being alone since B.T is currently away, but totally enjoying it because I am doing the stuff that I need to do and re-charging my batteries after a rather hectic work week.

::: Receiving sms-es or emails from him telling me that he misses me :) Hehhee from someone who isn't quite open about his emotions and asking him to tell me that is like gold falling out of his mouth, it's a much treasure moment :D

::: Loving the smell of fresh laundry out of the wash. I was super domesticated and changed out the bedding, ionized the place, sanitized the air, re-charged the dehumidifier, swept the floors and stocked up on groceries.

::: Scheduling in some workouts - trail run, Insanity, yoga. And cleaning the house counts too :P

::: Catching up on my Naruto episodes.

::: Catching up on sleep.

What I didn't like about my long weekend?

::: Spending 20 minutes moping up the mess in the kitchen after I forgot that our dying washer needed a manual re-set on the dial for it to drain out the water AND spin. Whoooshh! I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. I used up half a roll of paper towels and soaked up 3 huge rags -_-

::: My poor Fur Rug had 3 of her teeth extracted :\ It was all rotten and decayed due to build up of plague though her teeth were religiously brushed and cleaned daily. I feel so sorry for her. She has two missing front teeth. I hope she won't feel self-conscious.

Mmmm. I think that's more or less about it.

B.T constantly manages to amuse me even when he's a thousand miles away. He makes me laugh with his silly statements of -

Good morning, baby. At uh 7pm our time and in the afternoon at where he is at. - Good morning my backside, was what I told him. That's what happens when you put a group of guys together and they go drinking.

I uh got the dates wrong and the rest aren't coming in till tomorrow. -_- Someone really needs someone to look after him! This is also the guy who almost forgot to pack his underwear on several trips and I had to remind him. Now, he uses a to-bring list that I did up for him. :)

His "I miss you" which came in a span of 1/2 an hour. Damn, he must really miss me :D

And I asked him to take photos for me and all he posts on Facebook are photos of the beers that he's been drinking -_- Hulloooo??!

Hope that no one gets the Monday blues tomorrow! Just 5 more days to the next weekend :D

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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