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Social Media Revolution

I have always enjoyed learning. I think it's a never-ending experience. One can never claim to have learned everything there is to know in the world.

I am fortunate that I am still able to consistently learn new things even though I am no longer a student. The beauty about learning is that you don't have to go to a school to learn something. You can learn many things and life lessons from anyone and anywhere.

I love hearing people speak and present. Even if there is only one sentence that is valuable to me, at least, I have learnt something. Recently, my company hired a speaker and he was excellent. I had say that you are a good presenter if you can engage your audience and make them laugh.

The subject was on social media and it's such a compelling video that I had to post and share


I love watching a good ad - when it's good. But what I love more are the spoofs :P Whether it's good or bad for the brand name, it might actually create more hype than originally intended

Original Nokie N93 TV ad

The Hokkien spoof

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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