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Beef stew with stout

Salad - I heart tommy-toes

Yes I am in a bit of a blog roll here and this won't be my last post for today.

You see, I love chilling out at home. But when I don't socialize and yabber with people, I need an outlet to do so. Yes, I have constant verbal diarrhea :P

Anyway, this a little out-dated but that was my dinner when I went home the other day. My friends call me a fake Singaporean and Chinese because I don't and can't take chilli, I don't fancy eating rice except in sushi. My staples are bread, pasta, noodles (at least its Asian!) and potatoes. But when you grow up on food like the above, or fusion-style 'Chinese' type food, it's not my fault that I turned out like this :P

Well, the beef stew was lovely and so was the homemade garlic bread. Everything was home-cooked.

P.S Have you participated in the iTunes card giveaway :)

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