Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Evening run

My new feet for the marathon :)

I love it when B.T asks me out on a run date :P

You have bad days run and good days run. It was a good day run this evening except for the first part where we tried to run a different route and landed up passing through uneven grounds, construction dust and urgh.

I felt strong on my run. We ran together - my tiny short legs pumping hard to keep up with his long strides.

Including traffic light stops and whatnots -

5.73mile run, 55:38:40, 9:42min/mile pace, steady heart rate zone

I hope these statistics will improve when I start training officially :)

Meanwhile, I'm planning to sell off my Polar HRM since I have my Garmin+HRM. More details coming soon!

P.S Thank you XXX for the lovely new feet which I found on my desk after I returned from my trip :D xoxo

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Tags: nike, running, training

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