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I had a friend who is tinier than me in size and stature. When she was pregnant and I saw her running down east coast, I gave her a scolding. She said that it was safe and she had received clearance from her gynae.

She ran all the way until her last month - obviously at much slower speeds but she still jogged regularly. Her baby boy was delivered at a whopping 4.2 kg which astounded me because I simply have no idea how that huge baby came out of tiny her. Plus, at 6 months, her bump was so small, I was guessing her baby would be small like me. My birth weight was 2.7kg and uh I think I was a mere 17 inches long -_- Which explains why I'm so short!

I am trying my best to run as much as I can right now because I know that eventually, when the right time comes, I hope to have at least a kid or two. But I do admit that I do think - crap, I won't be able to run or do anything. It's not an immediate concern right now of course, but it does strike my mind.

I have been told that if you are a regular seasoned runner and in good health when pregnant, it's safe to continue running at a slower speed. I have known people that have done that and as long as you listen to your body, it's fine. I am quite excited to see how Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe train during their pregnancy. I hope they will share it but it's encouraging to think that it doesn't mean that you can't do any physical activities once you are pregnant. For some of my running friends, I know that has become a deterrance and they have postponed having a kid for that reason.

So I guess this is just a note for me to keep so that years down the road when I am in that situation, I can hopefully write and share (if I am still blogging then :P) my running and yoga activities! But of course, at an altered and more toned down pace. :)

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