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Run Free

I had these new kicks for over two weeks but have yet to break them in. I finally decided to take them out for a run.

I always had a pair of old Nike Frees and a few others but never really used them for its training benefits. It takes awhile to get used to running in them. But experienced runners say that training in them helps to strengthen the calves and ankles, and I'm not saying this because I work for the brand. But Paula Radcliffe did talk about herself training in the Nike Free+ a couple of times during her session and it got me inspired to use them for my training runs.

The Frees mimic a barefoot running feel and motion and are used as a strengthening tool for runners. I try not to run beyond 5km as I tend to pronate and require stability shoes. I have a co-worker that runs half marathons in them with no issues but every runner is different and I don't think my knees will be too happy if I ever did that. So this is what I do when I run in the shoes -

::: Focus on my running stride to ensure that my pronation is minimize
::: Run at a slower speed to allow my body to get used to the shoes
::: Keep distances to less than 5km as I am a neutral runner that pronates slightly and require stability shoes and I can't get the support that I need from the shoes

During today's run, I could feel my calves and ankles working hard and they are aching slightly now as I type. The shoe is light but takes some time to get used to. I am not used to wearing shoes that are low to the ground and with lesser cushioning. In fact there are times in which I can 'feel' the ground whilst running.

I'll see how this progresses and will try to share the experience along the way. Meanwhile, it is time to roll and stretch!

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