Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

Milestones Bar & Grill

Caramel appletini

I like the decor of the restaurant

One of the best things to do with friends is to chill and hang out over a drink or two. Vancouver has some nice chill out bars and we did find one that served some good drinks although service was quite pitiful..

Milestones Bar & Grill has several locations around Canada. Checking out the website, I realized that there are several around our hotel so I can't quite recall which one we actually hop into!

I am not sure how the other drinks tasted but the caramel appletini that I had was good and hence this recommendation. Food wise, it was average. The soup that we ordered was tad too salty and the rest of the finger food were nothing spectacular.

The appletini was good. I would say, it's as good as the one from Morton's. What I enjoyed about it was the extra slice of Granny smith green apple that had a swirl of caramel in it which balanced off the sourness of the drink nicely. You couldn't quite taste the alcohol in it - which is what I prefer, but it was definitely not light in alcoholic content.

Martinis has to be one of my favorite alcoholic drinks especially those from Morton's - lychee, chocolate and appletini. And it is usually my alcohol of choice whenever I travel :) No beer for me thank you very much!

1190 Hamilton St
Vancouver BC
+1 (604) 684 9111

1145 Robson Street
Vancouver BC
+1 (604) 682 4477

1210 Denman Street
Vancouver BC
+1 (604) 662 3431

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