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Big City Cupcakes

Red carpet

Recently, whenever I am traveling, I find myself looking out for either good ramen or cupcakes! For those who have been following my blog regularly, you would know about my love for ramen. The cupcake that I love best here are from Toast, Mong's cupcakes are lovely too, and there are a few others. But truly, the best so far are from Magnolia in NYC. A close second is the one from Portland. My entries on cupcakes can be found here!

When D mentioned that he chanced by a great cupcake place, I insisted that we make a trip back!

There are so many options available at Big City Cupcakes and they all look delish. I had a tough time deciding which to get. I finally decided on the Red velvet/Red carpet as they call it, which is a flavor that you can't really go wrong in.

The cake is quite light and fluffy and moist. The cream is tad too sweet so most of us didn't finish up the cream. I did feel as though I had a sugar overload after chomping through it all and felt rather sick. But I guess that is the price I pay for being greedy! Nonetheless, it wasn't a disappointing trip and it did meet up to my standards as a proper cupcake.

A proper cupcake by my definition means a moist cake base, the size isn't too big because that usually lands up being dry. The cream is really important. The lighter and fluffier it is, the better! The reason why Magnolia wins hands down. The flavoring should taste natural and not artificial. If it says pumpkin, I expect to find pumpkin bits inside it and so on. That's what makes a proper cupcake! Great to be eaten once in awhile and when you bite into it, it should hit the sweet spot :)

P.S My plan now is to try out good Shio ramen and Red velvet/limonata cupcake wherever I travel to! So that I can make a good comparison :)

Big City Cupcakes
Downtown Vancouver
1015 Howe St
Vancouver BC
+1 (604) 683 6603

At the door-step

Maybe I should open a cupcake cafe

Finished the big cupcake by myself and felt quite sick after it

Chocolate cupcake topped with strawberry cream

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