Andrea (am_klutz) wrote,

What do you do?

All in a day

I often get asked, what exactly do I do for work?

Somehow, I can't explain it in just one sentence. It's not - I'm in sales. I handle PR. I create mobile applications. I'm an accountant.

Mine is - I'm in the footwear team. I handle shoes? Big shoes and little shoes.

OMG. Your job is so fun!

It is. It really is. I go to work each day, mostly with a smile. Of course, there are days where I am grouchy but I honestly do love what I do at work. But it is not always as glamarous as it sounds. So this is an example of what I do in a typical week -

... Staring at spreadsheets. It's typical to have 4 opened simultaneously at a time.
... System maintenance.
... Forecast and pricing for 7 countries.
... Arguing on targets.
... Working with the sales and sales planning teams.
... Lunch time/evening run.
... Meetings.
... Conference calls.
...Working on powerpoints.
... Surfing websites for updates.
... Dragging boxes of heavy footwear samples around the office.
... Sorting and packing samples.
... Finding samples for marketing.
... Giving feedback for marketing material.
... Testing shoes.
... Selling samples.
... Retail visits.
... Staring at images. What should I adopt?
... Listening to product feedback.
... Writing reports.
.. Analyzing and reading reports.
... Preparing powerpoints for presentations.
... Presentations.
... Emails.

And you have to give me at least 5 minutes to explain to you on what I do.

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