March 17th, 2011


For Japan - Otoko to Onna

Otoko To Onna

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Otoko to Onna cover by Jack and Rai, originally by Chage and Aska

My favorite local band, Jack and Rai did an excellent cover of Chage and Aska's Otoko to Onna on acoustic as a tribute to Japan for the recent tragedy. They are encouraging everyone to contribute in anyway possible to help the victims.

In their own words -

"A little effort goes a long way. Japan has always been close to our hearts, whether its the music, food or culture. We hope that you can contribute, in any little way u can, to help the victims of the quake. The song below, is an old Chage and Aska number, one of our faves, which we re-recorded acoustic. Any help u can give, whether thru World Vision or any other relief efforts are appreciated."

The song is beautiful, didn't know Rai's command of Japanese was that good :P Thought it'll be nice to share it here and help spread the word. Rai sent the MP3 file to me and has given permission for me to share it here.

Jack and Rai on Facebook
Jack and Rai on Twitter
Jack and Rai on YouTube
Jack and Rai on MySpace

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Fat Boys

Burgers burgers burgers. I seem to be having a total overload of burgers recently. There seems to be a huge influx of burger joints these days. Guess it's one of those fads/food trends now. Well I guess that provides some variety and options. I don't proactively choose to eat at a burger joint but my friends and colleagues do and I'm not typically fussy with what I eat except - NO FAST FOOD type burgers and I don't mind trying out a new place. But before I get to the story of Fat Boys burgers, I have to share how ridiculously funny it was to get here.

D is this great guy that I've known for about 4-5 years now. We meet up every now and then, usually at a different food place each time and mostly, it's been in town area. He suggested eating at an Italian place at Tanjong Katong but changed his mind later on as he had a heavy lunch. So Joo Joo was suggested. He didn't have the address but attempted to give me directions to get there -

It's on the corner of Joo Chiat and Upper East Coast. EH? I know my sense of directions is completely hopeless but that didn't sound quite right.

Opposite where Katong Shopping Centre used to be. Near Aston's.

Katong shopping centre - Katong Mall??

Then somehow, a Tanjong Katong Mall came up.

I decided to Google for Joo Joo, reviews were poor so we said we'll just meet outside. Turns out his Tanjong Katong Mall was the old Katong Mall and I was hitting him with my purse for trying to confused me!

I thought you live around here??! Okay fine. You are not Singaporean after all but you've been living here for almost 10 years!

Anyway, we walked around in a few loops but the ones he wanted to go to were closed. We landed up at Fat Boys. It reminds me of a Billy Bombers sort of dining place but with a more casual feel to it. Mr D wasn't too hungry so we decided to split a Big Bello burger which had a huge grilled portobello seasoned in balsamic vinegar, heaps of caramelized onions, grilled peppers and pineapple and with a gooey melted emmenthal cheese AND with additional toppings of bacon (which turned out to be ham) and egg. It wasn't too bad. Just tad greasy - I prefer Five Guys or Annie's burger in Oregon. The shroom was large and juicy though and packed quite a punch. I'm glad we shared the Big Bello because one whole burger would have been too much for me to stomach.

We had a side order of the beer battered onion rings which were so fat, they resembled doughnuts. Wasn't a big fan of the onion rings. Sure, it had a big slice of onion inside but the batter was too thick and oily. I felt quite ill after eating three.

The third and final sinful order that we had was the vanilla maltshake with nutella. Now, this was delish. Would have been better if the malt taste was stronger just like the one at Billy Bombers but it was thick and yummy and I didn't even want to think of the amount of calories I was shoving inside my body.

Stuffed. We were. And we both shared ONE burger, onion rings and a maltshake. Major fail.

We walked around for half an hour to digest the food before we felt well enough to not throw up. Wasn't too bad a burger place, but probably not re-visit unless I was around the area and totally craving for a burger. But again I guess, it doesn't really matter where you eat as long as you are with good company :)

Fat Boys
465 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427677
+(65) 6346 6081

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Smart Alley

Image courtesy of Smart Alley

I was randomly walking around with a friend when we chanced upon Smart Alley. He wanted to take a look because he has a number of friends with young kids and he might be able to find something so in we went.

I don't know about you, but my childhood toys were 'real toys'. Real toys meaning nothing electronic like the Wii, Xbox, iPad and all those computer games that kids these days are hooked on. I played with Fisher Price toys, I had kitchen sets, play food, PlayDoh (one of my favorites), Smurf and Strawberry figurines which I loved loads, and paper doll sets. The toys I used to play with were a lot simpler and cheaper than what's available now and more educational. I still had fun playing with my toys and they were the sweetest memories that I had.

Smart Alley sells toys that I used to play with as a kid, except that they are more modern, made of better quality, mostly imported from the U.S but still provides an educational aspect to it which I truly like. There were oreo cookies in a jar for you to play a game and match the correct cookie shown on the card, wooden dolls similar to the paper dolls that I played with but instead of being made of paper, it had a magnet so you simply click it onto the doll, wooden kitchen sets that looked so inviting, 'Let's Cook' cupcakes, pretzels cooking sets to teach your kids how to bake. These are the toys that I think kids should play with.

There were also shelves and shelves of gaily colored picture books like Spot the Dog, books for kids to flip through, point and learn. To me, Smart Alley was like a candy store and more interesting than any iPad game that was all virtual or some Kinect dance game.

For parents that would like to get such toys for their kids, you might want to pop by Smart Alley. It's really quite a gem of a store.

Smart Alley
81 East Coast Road #01-01,
Singapore 428785
+ (65) 6440 9195

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Instant coolness

Image from Milo website

I can't remember the first time I drank Milo.

We always had a tin at home and at my Granny's place where I stayed during the day. Every afternoon, it was a routine to either play Chinese checkers with Granny or fix a jigsaw puzzle over a cup of hot Milo with cream crackers dunk inside it! I remembered having it with my tiny biscuits - those that had the green, yellow, pink, white sugar icing on the top, at play-school during recess time. In Primary school, a Milo truck would come by every now and then and it was served chilled.

I don't drink a lot of Milo these days except as an energy booster for pre-runs so I still do stash away a small can inside my kitchen cabinet. I am lactose intolerant so chocolate milk won't sit well in my tummy so this has been a great alternative for me. I usually prefer drinking it chilled especially before a run but it is slightly cumbersome to prepare it. I was happy when Nestle launched a brand new version last month and this new product doesn't require you to mix it with hot water and cold water.

I did a quick and easy video to show how simple it is to prepare a glass of cold Milo using Milo Easy Cool versus using the standard Milo powder.

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