March 16th, 2011


Sous vide beef experiment no. 2

I would say this turned out successful in terms of taste and tenderness of the meat though we haven't figured out how to make the beef taste the way it was marinated!

We had three different types of marinades but after searing it with the blow torch, they all looked so similar, we didn't know which was which. Tasting them resulted in the same conclusion. We'll need to work more on that.

As for the steak marinade sauce, with help from W who is our teacher in sous vide :p, it turned out to be quite delicious though it could do with more cornstarch to thicken it.

The sauce was a combination of the juices from all the three beefs and add-ins and consisted of light and dark soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger, red wine, honey, mixed herbs, mustard seeds, butter and cornstarch.

There were leftovers so B.T diced up the steak and threw it in (together with the carrots) the sauce. It tasted even softer the following evening and the flavors were thoroughly infused. It was similar to beef stew and very tasty indeed.

The leftover beef sauce, yes, we still had leftovers, will be dunk into our French onion soup which I'll update on how that comes along when we get the ceramic pot. I'd better get that soon before the sauce turns bad.

♥ Help Japan recover

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For Japan with love - Bloggers Day of Silence 18 March

My blog space is mainly for me to air my thoughts on my perspective of life through my eyes, to share, to learn and an online journal for myself. However, it is not always about me. So I have been dedicating a couple of recent posts to the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.

The last few disasters that happened, I wasn't as affected. I didn't share as much about it, I didn't write about it. It was not because I didn't care. It's just that this one hit a lot closer to home. When you have friends living there and relatives of close friends living there, it hits you harder.

I have tried my best in my efforts to donate and spread the word. But it is never enough. And I want and hope to help in any way possible. So I saw this project on Luster, and thought it was a brillant idea. You see, all over the world, in United States, in Europe, in Asia, everywhere, everyone is caring and showing compassion, uniting to help.

"For Japan With Love" is a two part fundraising project from 14-31 March to gather donations for Japan. The donations will go towards the emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to Japan via Shelter Box which already has a team of volunteers in Japan itself so help reaches them quickly.

The second part of this project involves a 'Bloggers Day of Silence" on 18 March. Participating bloggers will not blog on 18 March, keeping a day of silence in the virtual world, in honor and respect for what has happened in Japan.

As Z said, she's back to regular blogging programming not because she's forgotten the pain or celebrating in the times of sadness, but rather, getting her mind off things and add some cheer in the virtual world. So though it's been difficult to write as it seems frivalous and insignificant compared to the Japan disaster, I'm back to my daily output of verbal diarrhea. However, on 18 March (Singapore timezone), I will not be blogging, or Instgram-ing to keep a day of silence for Japan.

Please help spread the word.

♥ Help Japan recover

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