March 15th, 2011

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For Japan


Added a link to the Japan Red Cross below, a link to verify if the charity you opt is 'safe' and a few more information.

Many have been talking and sharing videos and news on the Japan tragedy which I'm sure, everyone is now familiar with. I do believe that if possible, we could consider helping in whatever way possible. Perhaps to me, the simplest way is to offer a donation.

Inspired by a few friends who started making their own donations and efforts to help, I decided to do something myself too. I didn't just want to empathize, I wanted to help.

I have chosen 3 4 different ways to contribute -

American Red Cross. My donation will support their disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

UPDATED I believe, a U.S credit card is required to make a donation to the American Red Cross. An alternative is the Japanese Red Cross in Japan which actually might be a better idea as it aid goes through quickly (I think).

Amount donated = USD$15/SGD$19.06

Shelter Box. ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and relief supplies for the victims affected by the disaster.

Amount donated = £10/SGD$20.52

Sparklethots which is owned by my stay-at-home-mom friend, Ruth, has decided to donate all proceeds of sales of a Ribbons ring (less Paypal charges and shipping costs) to the Singapore Salvation Army Red Cross who will in turn be sending out the donations to the Japan disaster.

Some might question, why not just donate the entire amount directly to another cause? I am doing this because I would like to support my friend in her efforts, and also, this ring will serve as a gentle reminder to me to remember the fragility of life and not to take things for granted.

Updated - I believe there are only 2 rings left if you wish to donate via this method!!
Updated Mar 16 11:31am - All the rings for this cause has been sold out. Please explore other methods to donate.

Amount donated = SGD39

This morning, I added a fourth donation which is very personal to me. One of my closest gf just shared with me that her brother lives/was living in Sendai and though they are safe, have lost everything. They are trying to build their house but there is no electricity, water, food and materials so it's tough. I've wired over SGD$25 to her to send back to her brother and I hope the small amount wil go a long way.


My mom has never met my friend before but always hear me speak well of her and she's donated SGD$100 to her brother as well! :)

Total amount donated for the Japan disaster through 4 sources = SGD$78.58 SGD$103.58

B.T has joined in as well and he has donated SGD$100 via his company as they will match dollar for dollar!!

For those living in the States, Charity Navigator will help you to establish if the charity that you are planning to donate to is reliable.

Please take some time out of your busy schedule to consider making a donation. No matter how small it might be, it would go a long way. For those that have already done so because of this post, thank you very much.

Thanks for reading this.

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Bittersweet life


"It's just how life is. It can't be all pretty and perfect all the time. There's always the ups and downs. That's the harsh truth of life, in my opinion. But no matter what, you'll be okay in the end. You just have to be strong enough to get through whatever life throws at you." ~ the notebook doodles

How apt.

When life throws you lemons, you figure out to turn them into lemonade instead. You learn by going through hardships, tears and failures. It ain't always pretty. Nothing, nothing is picture perfect. If it is, it's perhaps just a lie. I think all of us have learnt a lot these past couple of days. Fragility, gratitude, sadness, compassion, generosity, strength.. Most of us would have a new respect and admiration for Japan and its people. They are probably pulling themselves together faster than we can help. This morning, I spent time writing an email to my colleagues asking them to help our fellow colleague (my closest gf)'s brother who lives (used to) in Sendai. The response was amazing.

Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Hang tight. Stay strong. The rest of the world is with you.

♥ Help Japan recover

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