March 8th, 2011


Sports Solutions

My orthopedic recommended a physio centre at Mt E itself but I decided to go to another physiotherapist that came highly recommended from friends. It costs more frankly speaking, but I don't want to meddle around when it comes to health related issues. I'd rather pay for quality professional services anytime.

Gino of Sports Solutions is possibly the best physiotherapist that I've encountered and I've seen a couple so far. I did go with slight apprehension, unsure of whether I made the right choice but am glad to say that it was indeed, a damn good decision.

I've suffered a few sports injuries (not overly major) over the last couple of years. If there is anything that I noticed, doctors tend to prefer to treat the immediate issue/pain. In this current case, it was to put my wrist into a splint, take anti-inflammatories, go for physio and see how it pans out. I like the fact that Gino wanted to establish the root of the problem and he did figure it out after a one hour consultation.

I was sent home with a series of exercises to do to stretch out my tight shoulder and neck area which attributed to the wrist injury, physio tape stretched and stuck onto my wrist (no more splint whoohoo) and instructed to see him a week later. I did all my exercises diligently, stopped the meds as advised and you know what, the wrist stopped hurting, it was still strained slightly but I could feel the difference after the physio treatment and exercises. Meanwhile, Gino continued to monitor by sms-ing me to check on how I was doing and that was pretty impressive. I could email or text him whenever I had questions and I felt that it wasn't just a one off consultation where that 1 hour was all you got. I was impressed when Sports Solution mailed a personally written note to thank me for choosing them.

If you think this is a new physio centre trying to get business, you are quite wrong. Gino is pretty booked up and he has quite an impressive portfolio of clients including some really VVVVIP clients which let's say, if I were to mention any names, I would guarantee anyone living here would know who I'm talking about :P So he doesn't exactly need to promote his business because he has a good reputation but I think he's a physio that genuinely cares and is willing to take the effort to explain, to follow up, to provide a solution that works in the longer term. The fact that he was an ex national triathlete, he truly understands the issues people that engage in sporting activities like myself, experience.

I went for my follow up this evening. There was a marked improvement in my mobility when he did the same series of tests. I wasn't yelping as much. He noticed my lower back was a bit tight and cracked it up nicely :) I felt immediate relief and loads lighter and flexible. I am pleased to note that my wrist is recovering nicely and since I am now correcting the main cause i.e. my back and shoulders, the wrist issue should resolve soon. I also now know why I do get headaches off and on and it's all due to my tight neck area.

I do have to make some minor changes in the way I do things for example, my posture at the desk, doing regular exercises to stretch out the muscles and reduce tension. I'm trying to carry my handbag in my hand instead of slinging it over my shoulder all the time as well.

And nope I wasn't paid to write about him or his clinic but I just wanted to share this good physio that I've found!

Sports Solution
108 Amoy Street
Singapore 069928
+ (65) 6223 6078

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Sous vide pork

The first attempt - turned out not bad at all!

The pork loin was marinated with apricot jam and grated ginger overnight and sous vide for 12 hours. The pork loin was tender and juicy and we further enhanced it with a generous sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper. We think we can add more apricot jam in future as the taste was quite subtle. We did serve it with an extra scoop of jam and mmmm, not bad at all!

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Dress from a random blogshop, Kate Spade flats, f21 belt

Close up of the ballerinas

It was love at first sight when I saw the ballerina print. The extra lace detailing around the edges of the collar made it extra special too. Now I feel like twirling around!

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A touristy food hunt

Singapore Sling at Long Bar @ Raffles Hotel

Over the weekend, we had a friend's friend who was visiting Singapore for the first time as part of his backpacking expedition. We decided to introduce him to a few local dishes and take him around a bit.

Asides from the typical local recommendations of chicken rice (which he already tried), hokkien mee, char kway teow and fried carrot cake, we decided to go slightly off tangent and let him sample some food which he wouldn't be able to sample over the rest of his backpacking trip around various parts of Asia. It included laksa, rojak, satay, popiah, BBQ chicken wings (in the States, it's usually deep fried), chee cheong fun and dessert which he loved all of it!

It was quite fun doing a bit of a touristy thing, we covered more food than anything else and gave him suggestions on where to hit up on his own. It can be nice meeting new people and we now have a personal invite to visit him in Miami :)

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Level 33

120 days aged chargrilled black angus Cote de Boeuf

My Dad turned a grand 62 last week and in typical Goh family style, we took him out for dinner. My Dad is a big beef lover so B.T and I decided to recommend Level 33 which W had recommended to us just awhile back. Though it took my parents a mighty long time to find the actual place, everyone gave the food a big thumbs up.

I am going to plunge straight into the food that we had and you can view the photos that we took of this fabulous dinner. It didn't quite burn a hole in our pockets (thankfully) and I think you do get what you pay for! I also liked the fact that the water served had sliced of oranges inside which made it a refreshing change and I actually prefer it to having lemon slices inside.

It is recommended that you visit Level 33 in a group of 6 or more so that you can order the sharing options - Ploughman's Board or lamb/beef/pig rack. We opted for the beef which serves 4 and if you do so, you wouldn't need to order any more mains and it'll be sufficient to supplement the beef with a few sides.

The beef is a 120 days aged chargrilled black angus Cote de Boeuf which was really really good. The meat was juicy and moist and had a lovely subtle grilled taste to it. The accompanying sauce was a red wine reduction and I especially loved the roasted garlic that was served together with it. The only downside is that it does take awhile to prepare and serve but the staff do give you a headsup. The beef was also served with truffled flavored russet potato mash that was buttery creamy and fluffy, cumin roasted cauliflower (OMG this was helluva tasty!) and standard mixed leafy greens.

The mains all sound really good and we were tempted to try the stout braised oxtail stew, risotto, duck and gnocchi but that would have been waaaay too much food. Instead, we chose the pan seared scallops with roasted sweet potato, wilted spinach and thyme infused champagne cream that was fresh and delish but it was tad pricey for a small serving of 3 pieces.

The next side was the Blond Lager tossed whitebait seasoned with black pepper, chilli dust and garlic. This was my other favorite. The batter was light and just the right amount. You could tell that it was fried just before serving so it wasn't soggy but totally crispy and not overly oily. I think whitebait is one of my favorite bar food (fried lady's fingers too). Speaking of Blond Lager, the boys did mention that the beer was good. Afterall, Level 33 does specialize in in-house brewed beers similar to Brewerkz. The final side - meatballs, were a disappointment. Tad too dry and not exactly flavorful.

We rounded up the meal with a few varieties of dessert. I do think that they do desserts well too. The 'Frozen' which is a trio of gelato, ice cream and sorbet (flavors of the day were mango, prune and I can't recall what the other was!) was a good value as each scoop was pretty hefty and that cost just SGD$12.50.

I ordered the Cocoa which is a warm chocolate fondant, ganache, chilli raspberry compote, frozen mascapone and raspberry caviar - sounds really really delactable and exciting, does taste good but frankly, not as exciting tasting as it sounds. I would still say it's a decent dessert.

Last but not least, was my favorite, which I wouldn't have ordered as it came with coconut gelato but the waiter recommended this as it's great for sharing - pancakes. It came served with generous servings of caramelized bananas which I so love, sweetened fruit mix and ice cream. The mini pancakes were fluffy with that nice subtle hint of cinnamon and light dusting of icing sugar.

It sounded like a lot of food but I think it was just right. I didn't feel as though I was so full that I would burst at the seams, but just right. Though B.T must not have eaten enough even after polishing that 3 large scoops of ice cream by himself, because 2 hours after dinner ended, he said to me in a very small voice, I'm hungry... And he proceeded to chomp on some beef jerky and a packet of Meiji crackers.-_-

Level 33
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
#33-01 (enter via the Marina Bay Link Mall and take the lift that is located next to the Standard Chartered Bank premium centre)

+ (65) 6834 3133

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More polka dots, stripes and bunnies

Top and necklace from Stradivarius, G-star jeans, Nike striped flash macros, f21 bangles. Casio watch

Changed out the laces from white to pink

Close up of the bunny pendant

Oversized tops, polka dots, stripes and anything whimsical make up my current wardrobe. I love the retro feel of wearing polka dots and bold clashing polka dots with stripes, prints or florals.

The lunar year of the rabbit is great for fashion cutesy inspirational designs. I've seen many rabbit inspired accessory pieces and I guess retailers are just milking it.

Rabbits are cute and associated with females and I myself got this pendant in tribute to the year of the rabbit. I mean I wouldn't get anything with a snake on it *shudders, tiger = cat = hello kitty galore, monkey *Paul Frank?, dragon *cheena ching chong.. You get the drift.

I wonder what happens when it comes to the year of the sheep or goat - my year. Methinks a fluffy woolley sheep is cuter than a bald looking mountain goat?

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