March 7th, 2011


Hotpot Instinct

Hotpot, which is very popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong, is similar to steamboat which we have here in Singapore. The difference, perhaps, is in the sauces made available. When I have steamboat with my family, the dipping sauces are mainly freshly made chilli sauce, sweet plum sauce, some mix of soy sauce with garlic etc. I actually prefer the hotpot version which offers about 9 types of sauces ranging from peanut to fresh garlic to chilli, soy sauce and more. It's up to you to mix them together and create your own special sauce. You can also opt to crack in a fresh egg inside.

The hotpot shop that we went to is situated in some back street of Causeway Bay. Reservations are needed because it does get really packed. In fact, it gets so busy, it gets so noisy that it is hard to hear yourself. But I guess that all adds to the atmosphere.

We ordered a few grades of beef - some quality, some average and you do get what you pay for. There was a distinct difference in taste and the average grade beef was almost tougher and less juicy. The rest of the food that we ordered to throw in included veggies, tofu, all kinds of meat balls, chicken, shrimp and a couple of fried side dishes. We ate till our bellies were stuffed and happy. :)

Hotpot Instinct
G/F 52 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
+ (852) 2573 2844

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It's not always easy

... Getting geared up to run
... Wasn't too bad a run. 5miles, decent pace in the sweltering heat.
... I wonder if people sweat like this in colder non humid cities when they run?
... Slightly tanner with some color to the face.

People have asked me - where do I get the constant motivation to run or train. The truth is, it's not always easy to just lace up and run. With no races in mind, there is less motivation to run.

7am alarm rings. *snooze
8am alarm rings. *snooze

B.T: are we running?
A: It's too hot
B.T draws the black-out curtains : Woa it's HOT out there.
A: Let's run in the evening instead *turns back to sleep.
*stands and ponder
B.T: You are one of the 7 deadly sins. Sloth. Such a bad influence on me. I used to be able to run regardless of the weather.
A: YOU are such a bad influence on me. I used to be able to wake up and run early in the morning. Now I only want to sleep in.
B.T: I'm going to run. Sloth.
A: Goddammit. Ok. Fine. I'll run now.

We took another 20 minutes, dragging our feet around and taking our time to brush our teeth and wash our faces. We finally head out.

Then it's funny how you suddenly wake up and feel all pumped up to go. He was quite impressed that I was running pretty fast throughout. I suppose 9min/mile is one of my better paces so far. We could have gone on for at least 10km or so but had to turn around and head home so that we'll be on time for our next appointment.

So it's not always that easy. But we try.

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