March 6th, 2011


About the sous vide

Now as most know, my Christmas present to B.T was a sous vide machine (plus the vacuum sealer). Except for the 4 servings of beef flank which he decided to marinate all in the same, yes, same marinade, that was all that he did with the sous vide. I have been giving him a bit of grief on that since that machine didn't come cheap.

Last night, he bought a few cuts of meat - pork loin, beef tenderloin and I didn't check what else, with the intention to do some sous-vide experiment. I subtly hinted that we should perhaps experiment with a few marinades for some variety and mainly because I didn't want to be stuck eating the same dish for the next few days. I recalled my parents grilling pork loins with orange marmalade and thought that might be worth a try. My mom suggested pairing it with apple sauce while M suggested marinating the pork in a quality grade soy sauce, sake, salt and pepper and serving the sous vide pork with diced green apple that has been fried in some brown sugar and grated ginger. Methinks we'll try out the suggestions. What about the beef? I'll leave that to B.T.

I am waiting quite excitedly to see how it'll all turn out and hopefully, he'll have the motivation to start on it soon. He's currently quite hooked on some silly game called the Infinity Blade which is really noisy with a lot of aggressive sounding killing which he further spices it up with loads of swearing. -_-

I don't think I myself will be doing any sous vide cooking as yet. I did tell B.T that he can be the master sous vide while I continue to specialize in the standard cooking such as the usual soups, salads, mains and desserts.

Earlier on, I shared with my parents that I was intending to cook French onion soup and my Dad went on telling me how to cook the beef broth and I said, Uh can't I just use a beef cube?? to which his response was - No. *groan. So he went on about boiling some beef bones and some 'I don't know what' burgundy herb or bag of herbs that he was muttering about followed by carrots, celery, onions (was it carrots or something else?) and boiling it and freezing it etc etc. I kinda lost the plot. Mom, please email the beef broth details to me. Why do I think this French onion soup is not going to work out? But I've already invested SGD$7.50 in 4 ramekins with the main intention of cooking the soup so I guess I'll just have to give it a shot.

Meanwhile, for the foodies out there, W has been blogging quite a bit. Check out his blog here. He does have quite a few good places to recommend and it comes complete with drool-worthy pictures and detailed descriptions of what he and G have tried. We usually tap his brains when we need some food recommendations or cooking advice as he cooks quite a fair bit and great stuff too. I think he's currently experimenting with spherification and did it with root beer and almond syrup and the pictures of the results are pretty cool. Good stuff.

Oops. It's past midnight. Time to sleep. Okay. Bye. Goodnight.

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Would anyone know if Dreamweaver is compatible with wordpress? Meaning, if I'm using the wordpress platform hosting it on my own domain? I'm trying to figure out if that will be compatible because a friend has advised me to code using Dreamweaver.

Thanks in advance.

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Honeymoon dessert and Hui Lao Shan

@ Hui Lao Shan

For mango lovers, Hui Lao Shan is a must-go dessert shop. It is located all over Hong Kong, so do check out the website for the addresses at the various locations, and it offers a wide variety of mango based desserts in all possible combinations. I usually go for the one with sago, pomelo and mango ice cream. Each time I visit Hong Kong, I'll land up visiting Hui Lao Shan at least 2-3 times.

Another mango dessert shop that I patronize is Honeymoon Dessert. I usually visit the one at Harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui located in the City Super food court. My usual order is the mango drink with sago and pomelo and it is literally filled with generous chunks of fresh mango. I believe a few franchised outlets have opened in Singapore but I've yet to try and compare if it tastes the same.

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