March 5th, 2011


Wholesome beginnings

We rolled out of bed at 1030am (good night's sleep) and while he vacuumed and swept The Studio, I quickly cooked up brunch -

Baby spinach salad with baked almonds tossed in olive oil, whole grain mustard seeds, balsamic vinegar, sugar, sea salt and black pepper.

Soy sauce eggs is the simplest yet most tasty type of eggs to eat. Beat the eggs, add some light soy sauce and scramble them over a non stick pan with a tablespoonful of olive oil. Don't over-cook the eggs so that it's not 'dry' but not watery like scrambled eggs.

The loaf of bread was sitting inside the fridge for weeks - we refrigerate our bread. Slapped on some butter on each slice and scoop on a teaspoon of fresh minced garlic (we always have a container pre minced up in the freezer). Toasted it and voila - garlic toast.

It took 15 minutes to whip everything up :)

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Impromptu groupon double date

The impromptu double date to use the Relish Groupons was a good idea for warm company on a Friday evening. However, I'm not too sure if groupon works well in Singapore - a place where many restaurants do not cope well when the crowds pile in.

Groupon was offering a great deal at Relish - SGD20 for a SGD40 value coupon. We made reservations at 730pm, got there on time but only got our mains an hour later -_-

I've always been a fan of Relish - still am. But we were all disappointed at the service level last evening. It was particularly embarrassing for us both as we were the ones to recommend Relish to our foodie pals.

The place was full probably because of fellow groupon users but I would think if a restaurant was built to host x number of customers, they would be able to cope with the crowd especially when they knew a promo was happening. It took forever for our orders to be taken. Our beers and onion rings came half an hour later and by the time the burgers arrived, we were quite hungry AND grumpy. Didn't help that my friend is pregnant.

B.T who is really patient by nature, started to get annoyed especially when the table behind us started getting served first though they arrived much later. W's medium rare burger later arrived well done so that had to be sent back. I guess we were 4 unhappy campers at close to 9pm.

So that was a very disappointing trip to Relish.

I'll say at least the staff were apologetic and did try their best, changed the burger without hesitation and it wasn't exactly the service staff that were to blame but what on earth was going on in the kitchen that took almost an hour to produce 4 burgers?!


W and G did enjoy the food. Certainly wasn't the best burgers they have had but at least decent. I was happy with my usual order of the rocket burger, to-die-for strawberry cheesecake but big nay on the spam fries which are literally luncheon meat or spam sliced thinly. Urk.

It was nice catching up again. We are all so excited about G's upcoming baby and heh, they both have been blogging loads so we both have been enjoying reading their food adventures. Those two really know their food and W has recently been experimenting with molecular cooking.

It was a nice start to the weekend and hopefully, our experience at Relish will be better once again!

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My current favorite place to nap

When I'm too lazy to accessorize, a fancy top does the work

Very happy with my physio- more on that later

I eat a lot of subs. No prizes in guessing correctly why

head sized jar of Nutella!

It's been awhile. Treat for the weekend

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