March 3rd, 2011


The need for competition

Straight after work, we sat down together watching Apple's iPad 2 keynote (yep that's how geek we are) and I guess though some say that the updates are disappointing, I still think that it's pretty awesome considering that the iPad was launched less than a year back. I do admire Apple for their constant innovative ideas and how these ideas actually materialize into sexy techie functional products that the entire world is craving after?

Imitation is the best form of flattery and many companies have launched similar versions of the iPad and I suppose, it also pushes Apple not to sit on their laurels and keep innovating and moving forward. Hence, the launch of the iPad 2.

My colleague has a box of one of our competitors. He says it reminds him on a daily basis that we have competition. :P I think that's clever! We might be number one and the leading brand but it doesn't mean that we can sit and assume we will be so forever. I love how the Swoosh constantly innovates and it's pretty inspiring. When the competitors come out with products that look similar to ours, it is actually flattering. We see it as a push to keep on innovating and progressing. Without good competition, I don't think companies could be as innovative as they are really.

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, I should make a mental note not to listen to my Heytell messages from B.T in public. I played the one that he sent expecting a message like Where are you now? or so but out came his voice calling me in my pet name. Embarrassing! Silly boy!

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Randoms in +852

It's nice to be in a city that has varying temperatures! The trench coat is out!

I was digging through my HK photo archives and found these. The randoms that I've not posted about and do not fall under the 'food' tags :P It was indeed, a great trip. :)

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