February 24th, 2011


New addictions

Thanks to R, I got my invite for Pinterest and one word - addictive!

I can't believe that I didn't discover this earlier. Like I said earlier on, I've always wanted to create a scrapebook of collected images, photos, inspirations etc but that takes time and effort. I guess, in this digital age, everything and anything (almost) can be digital and this is such a fabulous idea. I've created a few boards and heh, one of my food addictions - cupcakes, gets up onto my 'Food for thought' board. Other boards created include, 'baubles', 'fashion', 'globetrotter', 'the studio', 'picture perfect', 'inspirations' etc etc. :) Now if only I could snap a photo and 'Pin It' right away! That would make this totally perfecto!

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