February 18th, 2011


There are penguins at the Bird Park??

All photos courtesy of W

Last weekend, the boys decided to head over either to the Botanical Gardens or The Bird Park. They chose the latter after I decided to stay home instead to lounge around and bake. A few minutes ago, I found out that there were penguins at The Bird Park and I was wailing away that I had missed out.

You see, penguins (and dolphins) are my absolute favorite animals. I adore penguins. If I had known that there were going to be penguins, I would have gone in a heart beat.

A: You mean there were penguins at The Bird Park??!
B.T: Uh yep. Penguins are birds too.
A: You didn't tell me that there were penguins!! I would have gone *wails
B.T: *grins I didn't know either. There's always the next time *grins
A: Penguins!!!! I missed out on penguins!!!?!!!
B.T: YUP. There were fake penguins too.

On a separate side note, a short trip to NYC fell completely through the cracks when I had a last minute work trip or rather, trips, and my leave AND entire NYC trip had to be cancelled. So I'm looking forward (most definitely) to our upcoming trip to Tokyo and as W is a big foodie, he checked out a couple good Jap restaurants which we are making a point to do so! It's not going to be cheap though!!! But these two really know their food so we will put them onto our list.

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The American 'Beng'

For my boy that is 100% born and raised American, true blue, faithful - I LOVE AMERICA, has trouble understanding Singlish (Singaporean English), I am rather amused that he has started to add a few local slangs to his vocabulary.

So first, it started with ending every damn sentence that he says with a LAH It doesn't sound quite natural as it is said almost like an afterthought. Sure! No problem! *pause Lah. *goofy grin. It is followed by me rolling my eyes.

Next, he started saying, Also can! or Can do! At this point, I am almost about to faint on the spot.

Note. We don't subscribe to any television network here i.e. we don't watch TV so he doesn't watch local programs hence I have no idea where he is picking all this up from!

Another fine day, he surprised me by replying, BOLEH! i.e. Yes (to those who are unaware).

Shall we go for yoga this weekend? BOLEH!
Can I have white fungus soup when I get back? BOLEH!!
Shall we do a load of laundry later in the evening? BOLEH!!!!!


Where he learnt that from, I have no idea. Over the lunar new year, he must have picked up more local terms or rather, Hokkien words because he started saying, Huat! AH! to everything. So my family was planning the next meal gathering which we typically arrange via email. Excerpts from the email thread as follows -

B.T: Best of luck to us all in the Toto.
L: Yes 'huat ah'! You know what 'huat' means?
B.T: Huat = Hokkien for "To prosper, to have loads of money coming into your pockets". With 'Ah' to accentuate the statement?
L: Along the lines of striking it rich!
B.T: Huat huat!
A: Have you been taking Hokkien Singlish classes?
B.T: I am an 'Ah Beng' in the making (definition of Ah Beng can be found here)
A: *faints. Can I get a refund?
M: Wah. He knows what an 'Ah Beng is. So, will you look for an 'Ah Lian' (female version of 'Ah Beng') girlfriend soon?
B.T: I already have an 'Ah Lian' :)
A: -_- -_- -_-

I want my money back!!!!!

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