February 14th, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day - Chocolate cookies

Happy Valentine's Day beautiful people! Regardless of whether you celebrate it or don't (we don't exactly and I just cooked dinner for him on Saturday and baked some cookies yesterday).

I used to love baking a lot. It was an almost weekly affair in junior college as I was churning out jars and jars of cookies of all kinds. My family literally got sick of eating them :P Right now, I sort of prefer to cook non-desserts. Desserts are fun once in awhile but it's not something to eat all of the time.

I started craving for a particular type of chocolate biscuit last week. For those who are familiar with Four Leaves' cookies, I used to buy the rectangular chocolate cookies that came in stacks of 5-6 in a clear plastic wrapping. Does anyone know what I'm referring to? Well, I had a sudden craving for those and chanced upon a recipe that sounded like it would turn out just like those. So I decided to make them.

The idea was to use cardboard letter stencils so place over the baked biscuits and sift icing sugar over so that you'll get icing letters forming a message such as 'HUGS','KISSES', 'I LOVE YOU' etc, all in the fun of Valentine's Day. The cookies turned out I would say 50% succcessful -

1) I was too lazy to make cardboard stencils so I bought puffy minatures stickers from Paper Market planning to use them as stencils. As they were tiny (though extremely adorable), it made the icing stenciling process, VERY DIFFICULT.

2) I forgot that I didn't own any cookie cutter so a last minute trip to the nearby departmental store proved half-successful as I bought a heart-shaped uh metal shape for making sunny side ups (in the shape of hearts). Cookies turned out HUGE.

3) Recipe called for 2 sticks of butter or 1 cup. I roughly filled the measuring cup with '1 cup' but forgot that there were many spaces around the side so I believed the butter used was less than required and the cookies were slightly dry.

4) Baking using a toaster oven can be tricky as the maximum temperature goes up to only 250 degrees celsius.

I was slightly disappointed with the way the cookies turned out but B.T said he was still happy with the thoughtful gesture. We decided to spread nutella onto the mini hearts (made using my silicon cookie mould because I ran out of baking tray space for the gigantic hearts) and we left them in the fridge. Funny thing was, we both had some this morning and agreed that keeping the slightly dry biscuits in the fridge, uncovered, made them moist. And they are quite yummy now!

Thought I'll still share the recipe because it's still a fun recipe and if anyone tries it, do let me know how it turns out!

::::: EDITED :::::
After we refridgerated the cookies, they tasted even better the next day and the next!!! It's really yummy right now! I think adding more butter might do the trick or simply just leave them uncovered/boxed, in the fridge.

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14 Feb, Monday loves

First time in years since I bought nail polish! Loving the nude!

Valentine's love from Mom when I got home

My home garden which I'll miss somehow if and when we move out

Fur Rug used to bark at this :p

B.T wanted to take me out for dinner but I didn't want him to get ripped off at restaurants so I decided to go home instead. Ahhhhh.

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The short 5K runs

Lately, I've been doing short 5K runs. I suppose that's the distance I prefer to do when I am not in training and it's just nice to do short runs whenever.

He's been in this 'let's run on empty' when we get up on the weekends. It lands up being a challenging and slow run and you just burn burn burn. On the times I prefer to go faster and stronger, I'll eat a small packet of biscuits or drink a glass of soy milk to sustain me.

Pre-race food is usually a peanut butter jelly sandwich and it's strange how I've not eaten any, since the last race?!

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