February 9th, 2011


Question and two video channels


For those Chanel lovers out there, is it cheaper to get it from Paris or London? I have two possible options to get them and was wondering. Loving the new collection and was thinking it would be a good time to put down the investment in one (not the classic though).


I've been following these two channels on youtube quite a bit and just in case you don't already know,

Check out Natalie Tran aka community channel for quirky funny entertainment (even B.T watches whenever I do and cracks up) and Michelle Phan aka Rice Bunny for everything and anything on beauty and make-up and recently, she has a hair and fashion guru featured in her videos as well. Love her video on the different ways to tie a scarf, how to get nice natural curls and how easy she makes making up sound. Love love love all the music that she uses in her videos as well.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Night.

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Inspirational photo

It is no secret that I am a fan of Kara Goucher and I am envious of my colleagues over at WHQ that have seen her around campus or on a flight! I admire her for her down-to-earth nature despite her success, her positive outlook on life and also, her talent in running.

I have been following her blog which details her training and recently, her new born Colt. She shares her struggles as a new mom trying to adjust and keep to her training schedule being a professional athlete. It is amazing how one's priorities changes when a baby enters her life and she isn't an exception.

She recently posted on her Facebook page this inspiring photo of her son sharing her proud moment at one of her races. What a lovely moment! I hope that in years to come when I do have a baby of my own, I will be able to continue running the way I do. And gosh, look at those abs! I think Colt is just 4-5 months old in that photo! Pretty inspiring ;)

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