February 4th, 2011


Happy Rabbid Year!

Outfit by Alldressedup, nude jeweled mid heels by Miu Miu

The little sparkly surprise

First Yu Sheng

Lo Hei!!

That suckling pig was really yummy

Lunch at home on CNY

She came back to visit :)

Dates from Dubai - best I've ever tasted

B.T is intrigued by my Dad's huge teapot

Keeping the tea container to store my makeup brushes

The Fur Rug snuggles up to me for a long while

My Mom's ultra nice CNY tree

Lighting a brand new triple wick candle for the new year!

Except for missing the sissy at the reunion dinner, the lunar new year has been going great so far. I am trying my best to relax and enjoy the week's break from work and spending quality time with B.T and my family. Oh and running - three runs so far :) Yoga tomorrow - sweet!

We are now both lying down listening to old school 80s music. Tune out, space out, peace out.

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