February 2nd, 2011



Jacket by Hurley, oversized top from a blogshop, Nike leggings and shoes, gifted pearlised heart shaped pendant

I love dressing comfortable especially on rainy days and I do think that leggings (the right type- cottony and soft) can be superbly comfy. And I think that if you pull on an oversized top or sweater, the bottom has to be fitted or the look might be sloppy or aunty-ish.

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Days in pictures

Popcorn in our new wooden salad bowl from Muji (Thanks E and B!)

Hokkaido tofu love

Still my favorite kyshu ramen

How do you cook egg to turn out like this? Mmmm

Gonna get one for coffee and one for tea

Out to ICB in my favorite polka dotted shorts & rocking some heels

The evil eye

2 runs clocked in so far this week

Kinda glad we aren't back on Colorado for CNY! Freezing!!

Sudden urge to buy nude color nail polish. I think I shall.

My cheap chocolate addiction

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