January 29th, 2011


Magic ten

Comfy in my T by AWang tonal striped dress. Love the soft feel of the fabric and the way it drapes!

$1.50 meat filled pan fried pillows

Melted Hershey's with rainbow sprinkles

Made dessert for the guests that came over

Late night catch-ups

Dragging our feet to early morning yoga. Zzzzzz

Thick toast with floss and condensed milk. Mmmmm

Shiok maki

Foot rub. Ahhhh

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B.T: You're such a goofball. But I still love you.


He is often amused at my silliness and goofy moments. We seem to only take pictures during travels so this was taken last weekend and Methinks I should take more pictures with him!

A random thought - the thing about me loving to photograph people and objects is that no one is as obsessed as I am so except for self-shots, I don't have many shots of myself!

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