January 28th, 2011


Catch-ups in Hong Kong

By coincidence, my ex boss was in Hong Kong during my trip so we decided to sync up, plus, I've not seen her little princess before. It was ironic how we landed up meeting at LGB (great macaron place) as she used to buy a huge box for the team each time, and she gifted me with a box of macarons (just like old times), bless her heart, and we had a great time catching up.

I marvel at how quickly young kids lose and pick up accents. Her 5.5 year old boy who used to attend nursery in Singapore now speaks with a strong American accent and refuses to speak Mandarin (though he used to learn it) because his friends don't speak Mandarin -_- As she laments with a sigh, they have become true blue Americans much to the delight of her (American born) husband. Kids these days are really intelligent. The 5.5 yo was looking after his 2.5 yo sister and talking non-stop of school and sports with an amazing vocabulary. And even at this age, they are quick to select what they want to learn and don't want to. For example, his mom would try to speak to him in Korean and he selectively responds only when he wants to. I think kids are a lot (much) smarter than we think they are! Seriously, what is in the powdered milk?!

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