January 19th, 2011

HTC 08

Wednesday run and watch out for the cars

"Watch out for the cars sweets!"

Was what my Dad shouted out to me as I laced up to head out for a run. Looks like I'll always be his baby girl. :) This big baby feels so loved :)

It was a relaxing run with C, we chatted loads so time flew by really quickly. 3.94 miles covered in about 39 minutes.

I know everyone has been going on about this lovely weather but I really hope that I'll stay this way as long as possible!!

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Conversations with bosses

There are 3 things about me that almost everyone in the office know -

1) I love running.
2) I have a non-existent sense of direction.
3) My command of the Chinese language is almost non-existent.

Conversations with the boss.

We received an email from HR informing that we will be given 2 extra days off during Chinese New Year. I was squealing away in joy.

A: OMG! That's 6.5 glorious days off over CNY!
J: Andy, are you Chinese? Why are you so excited?
A: -_- J, do I look Chinese to you? Yes, right? I AM Chinese.
J: But you can't speak Mandarin and you can't use chopsticks.
A: But I'm Chinese! More than you! (He's Pinoy)
J: Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?
A: Not exactly.. But I am Chinese.

Last year, they all said that I can stay behind in the office to backfill while everyone goes on CNY leave because I'm a fake Chinese.

J: I think my 3 yo can use chopsticks better than you.
A: Ooohhhh shuddup!

So guess who was cracking up when I had to yell for help when I was doing a software installation and this was shown on the screen?

*A frantically shouts
Who can read Mandarin?!! Heelp!!
J: Andy, so what did I tell you?


Email conversations with the big boss

Big boss to the whole team (last year before Christmas.

If anyone is still thinking of gifts for a certain someone in the team, the new Nike+ GPS app will be a great gift for her! If everyone splits it, it'll only cost USD$0.99! The only issue is that we need to find something for her bf to find her as well.

-_- Yes that's me thank you very much.

And because she received my out of office email stating that I was out on retail visits (the day before but had forgotten to turn it off the following day) she immediately emails to me saying,

Andrea, are you still roaming somewhere around Orchard, lost?

And whenever I'm out alone, J reminds the team to tie a pink balloon with a very long string so that I can be located. IF, they want to find me in the first place.

I'm really feeling the love in the office huh? :p

Conversations with the GM

I first knew him when I interned at another company before I entered University. I was then geeky and really young. He also happens to know my aunt too. I was waiting for the lift, him too.

GM: How's your aunt?
A: She's doing good!
GM: Going for a run?
A: Yup! It's speed work today at the track. Working on my speed for the marathon.
GM: And how many kilometers is a marathon?
A: 42.2km
GM: *shakes his head
A: Goofy grin

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