January 18th, 2011


Loving me

Earlier on, the two of us got ready to do our regular bridge pose which helps to train and strengthen your core and sculpt the abs :P In between the bridges, I cheekily asked him to rate my figure (genuinely and honestly). He thought for a second, threw out a number which I laughed and said that I gave myself the same number too.

If you knew me when I was a teen, I would have never asked a partner or anyone that question. Simply because I wasn't confident of myself or who I was. I mean when all my peers grew boobs and wore grown-up bras, I was still in singlets (what you wear even before a training bra). I was a late developer and my mom and sis used to tease and said I was flat like a runway. Well, thankfully, I did develop and though I'm no bombshell or so, I started learning to be less self-conscious. It definitely didn't happen overnight but gradually over time, you do get wiser and you learn to love yourself for what you are.

People think that my muscular aka big calves are a result of running. Truth is, if you see my photos as a kid, I had big calves all along. I don't think the 4 short years of ballet contributed even to that. It's just genes from my Dad I think. My sissy has slim calves and when I stand next to her, mine look ginormous. So I used to hate my calves a lot, still don't like them but don't lose sleep over.

I have sweaty palms. And I mean sweaty. It's embarrassing when I meet new people and have to shake hands. Even as I type now, my keyboard is damp. My mom said that I used to leave wet feet marks on the floor as I scurried around as a toddler. Still do sometimes. It's genetic. I can go for an op for it, but I don't want to. B.T is the first guy to tell me that he doesn't mind it :)

I'm vertically challenged. I get teased a lot about it but I've learned to laugh along with it. In fact I get away with a lot of things by being short. Can you help me to reach that please? I fit into designer kids sized clothes, I can curl up comfortably on a coach class airplane seat and it's really not that bad being short. Sure, I would love to be taller with longer legs and not needing to alter the length of almost every pants or jeans that I buy BUT, I am not going to get hung up about it and feel insecure about my height.

I have such a bad sense of direction, it frustrates him sometimes. Everyone knows that I can't be counted on for directions and I almost always get lost all the time. I always laugh at myself, make it into a joke and hey, it's not that bad. It's a flaw per se but no one expects me to be perfect, so why should I?

If you look hard at my teeth, they are embarrassingly large. Someone once said that I have chicklet teeth. You know what chicklets are? Those white rectangular gums? Anyway, to let you into a secret, my front teeth are so large and my jaw small, that I had to extract 4 of my adult teeth when I was thirteen as it was getting overcrowded. Non of my wisdom teeth have fully erupted SO, if you do the math, I have only 24 teeth in my mouth when the standard is, yes, 32.

What I am trying to say is that nobody is perfect so don't beat yourself up if there is something or a few things about yourself that you don't fancy. If you think about it, I really do have a lot of imperfections and that's because I'm only human. But like I said, I learned to accept who I am, and love myself. Focus on the positives, focus on something about yourself that you like. There has to be at least one. It can even be skinny ankles, slim fingers or proportionately sized and shaped toes. I decide what I like about myself and stay focused on those points. People used to compliment me but I would always say something like Nah, it's just normal. I learnt to accept compliments graciously and say thank you.

To love yourself, it starts with being comfortable with who you are physically and allowing your personality to shine through. Look at yourself in the mirror and say that I love what I see and remember that the mirror piles on about 30% more weight onto yourself so in reality, you are skinnier than what you think.

If you can get over your physical hang-ups about yourself, it helps in pushing your confidence level up. I hate my calves but love my abs, nose and hair. Used to dislike my fine flyaway hair and always wanted straight hair instead of messy waves like mine. But now, I actually love my hair and think it's one of my best feature. I always invest in a good hair cut to make myself feel good, works on my abs and well the nose, I just try to keep it clean without uh blackheads and do those facial masks more regularly :P

Learn to laugh at yourself. Trust me, when you do, life becomes a lot easier. I get teased about my height and directions all the time but I learn to laugh along with it.

Everyone always has something that they are good at. It could be sewing or doing a sport or cooking or so. Do something that you love doing, and chances are, you'll get good at it and your confidence will go up as well. I might not be a Kara Goucher when it comes to running but I know I can accomplish the goals I set for myself. I love running, running makes me feel good and confident so I keep doing it.

Finally, clothes do make a person feel good about themselves. Invest in clothes that fit well and bring out your best features. Wear what you are comfortable wearing not what everyone else is wearing or what fashion dictates.

Love yourself, be confident and others will see it. And find someone who can love and accept you for what you are.

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The night thief

Another resolution for 2011 -

To learn how to consistently steal and safeguard my 'bolsters' at night.

We don't use bolsters per se but pillows that function as a bolster to hug. Additionally, we each have a green 'Ally' minature pillow. I got them a few years back and he has claimed firm ownership over one particular one. Like try taking it away from him and he'll fight nail and tooth with you.

Don't get in between him and his ally bolster. Seriously. The only time I'm allowed to have it is when I'm sick.

To annoy him, I'll try to steal it whilst he is sleeping. Sometimes, I'll wait for him to fall asleep and slowly wrestle it away. However, he is quick to grab it back even in a half asleep stupor. I swear he has an invisible bond with that damn thing. We now spend the night stealing each other's bolster throughout the night and guess what? It's a subconsious effort.

I tried before we slept but he said that he should re-enact how I try to do it which is sooo stealth that he is unaware. Each time I try to pull it towards me, he smacks my hand. So I gave up and went to sleep. Then I woke up this morning to find mine gone and he was hugging BOTH. I asked him about it earlier on-

THIEF! You stole mine again! When did you do it?

I had no idea. It was a subconscious effort.

I wonder if every couple steals each other's blanket, bolsters, pillows etc. He says that we should get separate blankets as the way I steal the queensized duvet is quite an art. He is left shivering in the middle of the night and sometimes, it's firmly wrapped around me like a 'popiah'.

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OSIM mini run finishing

Inspiring weight loss stories

There's a saying that goes something like that - there isn't an ugly woman, only lazy ones who don't even bother to put on makeup or dress to make themselves look better.

Obesity can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Genes, poor diet habits and lack of exercising. Some people are contented and confident being bigger and that's fine as long as healthwise, they are good. For those who are unfortunately non-ideal in terms of weight, but don't do anything about it and just moan and wallow in self-pity, I don't really empathise because I believe that you can do something about it. At least try. Try hard and you will see results.

Get off your butt and MOVE.

This article is pretty inspiring. Few Asians come this close of obesity.. we are luckier with 'smaller' Asian genes. There are of course the exceptions. What these people have done is inspiring. They weren't on a reality show or so and just won the battle with sheer determination, discipline and look at the results! OMG. They all look amazing.

I don't know about you, but I'm inspired! Not to lose weight, but to work at achieving my goals!

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Tom Ford and Richard Buckley forever

I think this is such a beautiful love story.

Tom Ford was a shy 25-year-old when he met magazine editor Richard Buckley. It took him the length of an elevator ride to decide he wanted to marry him.

Tom Ford, Designer:

You can look at someone and feel like you’ve known him forever. The first night I ever had drinks with Richard I felt I knew everything about him. He has the wildest eyes -- like an Alaskan husky. They’re not blue, they’re not gray, they’re a color you’ve never seen before -- they approach silver. They give away absolutely nothing, yet they are completely mesmerizing. We first encountered each other at a fashion show in New York in 1986. He was 38 at the time and the fashion editor of Women’s Wear Daily. He was confident and handsome in a way that made him almost unapproachable. His stare was so intense that it completely unnerved me, and when the show was over I literally bolted out the door and down the street to avoid him. Ten days later, my employer, Cathy Hardwick, sent me to the office of Women’s Wear Daily to retrieve some clothes. I was directed to the roof where they were being photographed, and as the elevator opened, there was the man with the eyes the color of water. He rushed over and introduced himself as Richard Buckley and told me that the clothes were actually downstairs and offered to take me down to what was then called “the fashion closet.” He was adorable, and he was a complete fool. He was sort of dancing around, flashing his eyes at me, and trying so hard to be charming. I decided in that elevator ride that I was going to marry him. I’m very pragmatic, and I was, like, OK, there’s some kind of connection here. He ticked every box, and -- boom -- by the time we got to the floor, I was like, OK, sold. He seemed so together. He was so handsome, he was so connected, he was so grown-up, so he was very intimidating. And he really chased me -- not that he had to chase that hard. It excited me but it also scared me, because I knew he was different and that whatever it was I felt with him was very different from what I’d felt before.

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With Lynn and Fur Rug

January girls' night out

Not really good at taking self shots of 3 but still a shot of all of us!

I wrote about spending more time with my family in 2011 and this year, my sis and I both decided that once a month, we will take my mom out for dinner (eating at home is different because she'll have to cook etc) and just enjoy some girlie time together.

We kicked this off by dining at TWG. She has been wanting to try out the tea and cafe so we decided to have dinner that and made reservations a couple of days in advance. In fact, it was all our virgin trip there so it was refreshing for all.

The food is slightly above average quality. I would actually prefer coming here for tea instead. The only macaron that is good (as mentioned previously), is the caramel macaron. The Singapore surprise dessert that we had was quite delicious as well and apparently, the double creme brulee is popular. As for the tea, BEST selection ever albeit mind boggling. 6 full pages to choose from and it's best to ask for recommendations. I believe we went for a white tea (can't even recall the name) and the Happy birthday tea. Proud to say that TWG is a Singaporean home brand. Well done!

Aside from food, it was indeed a lovely evening. I highly recommend that everyone does this with their folks. It was a great bonding session and it was lovely seeing my mom smile so much! They say that mothers are usually under-appreciated so take any opportunity that you have, to make her feel like a Queen. And the following day, we landed up doing another impromptu lunch together as well :)

TWG Tea salon and boutique
ION Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
+(65) 6735 1837

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