January 17th, 2011



My new tenkay fold-down mids which I can't wear for awhile after I embarrassed myself wearing 'em

Planning to get this whimsical tea-set

Happy place one

I love this cos I'm an organizing freak

Next book to buy?

At Mandarin Gallery- happy place no. 2

Wouldwood. Pity G wasn't around

Trying out the sous vide - vacuum seal it in!

Line it up

ASOS semi sheer flouncy skirt dress with a cute bow tie and the Lanvins which are crazy soft just after 2 wears

... Photos taken last week. It was an eventful week and this was just a bit of it!

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The sweet scent

My unused Island Nectar is currently emitting such a sweet candy like scent that I wonder how it'll be like when I do burn it. The mint chocolate candle has been great so far and I do stand by my mantra that investing in a good candle is well worth every scent!

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